U.S. intelligence shows casualties fled is troops reduced by 20% luonv

The United States Intelligence: casualties fleeing troops dropped 20% to IS original title: U.S. intelligence showed that casualties fled the IS troops dropped about 20% Chinese news network February 6th February 6th according to foreign media reports, the U.S. intelligence indicates that the terrorist organization Islamic state in Syria and Iraq combat personnel up to 25 thousand, than previously estimated 31 thousand fewer people; however, it strengthened the power in Libya, it increased to 5000 people in the North African country of the militants, U.S. officials said, because the people fled the battlefield casualties, and other factors, a decrease of about 20% in Syria and Iraq Iraq molecules. The intelligence report shows that the US led coalition strike is making progress. White House spokesman Ernest told reporters on 4 January, "the new intelligence report" means that they are still a serious threat, but the number of potential personnel has declined." He further said that the organization suffered heavy casualties. Ernest said that the ground battle played by American partners played a role in the fight against the Islamic state. The Iraqi security forces supported by the United States, several tribal armed forces, and the Syria moderate opposition forces contributed to the air raid by the US led coalition. New intelligence reports show that Islamic countries have 19 thousand to 25 thousand combatants in Syria and iraq. The 2014 report is estimated at 20 thousand to 31 thousand. U.S. National Security Council spokesman Horn said: "(combat personnel) reduced, reflecting the battlefield casualties, personnel fled, internal sanctions, inadequate recruitment, foreign combatants are difficult to travel to Syria and other factors." Iraq to build some molecules originally planned to go to Syria to join the Iraqi national organization of North Africans in Libya, according to the organization’s leadership, in turn to the north of Libya, to assist the organization to expand its influence in the Mediterranean countries. The report by the U.S. intelligence agency does not count how many people in the south, Middle East and North Africa are affiliated to the organization. About how many countries in Iraq are in Libya, the U.S. Department of defense estimates that about 3000 people, and other American officials say there are 5000 to 6000 people. President Obama is facing pressure from many sides, and he wants to increase the crackdown on the Libya countries. The group took the home town of Gadhafi, the former leader of Libya, in June last year, and became the stronghold of Soult, the former leader of Sirte. NATO defense ministers will meet in Brussels next week to assess the outcome of the US led coalition offensive and discuss how to increase attacks. Since the ouster of Tamiflu in 2011, the situation in Libya has been in turmoil. A general Saudi Arabia said Thursday that the Saudi military ready to participate in the US led coalition in any action on the ground in Syria. U.S. Defense Secretary Carter welcomed this. A Thursday told the Agence France-Presse reporter: "if any member of the coalition to launch the ground game

美国情报显示:人员伤亡逃离使IS兵力锐减两成   原标题:美国情报显示:人员伤亡逃离使IS兵力锐减约两成   中国网2月6日讯 据外媒2月6日报道,美国的情报显示,恐怖组织伊斯兰国在叙利亚和伊拉克的战斗人员最多为2万5000个,比外界此前估计的3万1000人少;不过,它在利比亚的实力加强了,它在该北非国家的武装分子增加至5000人,   美国官员称,因为战场伤亡、人员逃离等因素,在叙利亚和伊拉克的伊国分子减少大约20%。该情报报告显示,美国为首的联盟展开的打击行动正取得进展。   白宫发言人欧内斯特本月4日对记者说,新的情报报告“说明他们(伊斯兰国)依然是严重威胁,但潜在的人员数量出现下降。”   他进一步说,该组织蒙受惨重的人员伤亡。   欧内斯特称,在打击“伊斯兰国”的行动上,美国的伙伴展开的地面战斗发挥了作用。美国支持的伊拉克安全部队、多个部族武装、叙利亚温和反对力量都做出贡献,美国为首的联盟的空袭也功不可没。   新的情报报告显示,伊斯兰国在叙利亚和伊拉克的战斗人员数量介于1万9000个至2万5000个之间。2014年的报告估计为2万至3万1000个。   美国国家安全委员会发言人霍恩称:“(战斗人员)减少,反应了战场伤亡、人员逃离、内部处分、招募不足、外国战斗人员难以前往叙利亚等各种因素的影响。”   伊国分子改在利比亚集结   一些原本打算前往叙利亚加入伊国组织的北非人,可能按该组织领导层要求,转而前往北非的利比亚,协助该组织扩大它在这个地中海沿岸国家的影响力。   美国情报单位的这份报告并未统计该组织在南亚、中东与北非其他地点附属单位有多少人员。   关于在利比亚的伊国分子到底有多少的问题,美国国防部的估计为大约3000人,另有美国官员说有5000人至6000人。   美国总统奥巴马正面对多方压力,要它加大对利比亚伊国分子的打击力度。这个组织去年6月攻下利比亚前领袖卡达菲的家乡苏尔特(Sirte)后,便以此为大本营。   北大西洋公约组织的国防部长下个星期将在布鲁塞尔开会,评估美国主导的联军攻势的成果,并商议如何加大攻击力度。自2011年卡达菲下台后,利比亚局势一直动乱。   沙特阿拉伯将领阿西尼周四表明,沙特军方准备参加美国为首的联军在叙利亚的任何地面行动。美国国防部长卡特对此表示欢迎。   阿西尼周四告诉法新社记者:“若联军的任何成员愿意展开地面行动,我们将会在这方面作出积极贡献。”   卡特周四在前往内华达州内利斯空军基地途中对记者说,其他国家主动性增强可使美国更容易加快对伊斯兰国武装分子的打击。   路透社引述他的话说,他期待下周在布鲁塞尔与沙特国防部长讨论沙特的提议。   卡特称,沙特官员曾表示愿意帮助组织一些伊斯兰国家加入联军的打击行动,并帮助伊拉克和叙利亚人民,制止伊国组织势力卷土重来。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章:

Yancheng Funing 3 year old boy was missing in front of the city together to find (video) fkzww

Yancheng Funing 3 year old boy was missing in front of the city looking for the intersection point force in November 16th, Yancheng City Funing County, a 3 year old boy lost posts in Yancheng, the network forum, after the promotion of the city, looking for force. According to the intersection of the reporter, the child at the time of the disappearance, there have been three vans through here. Yesterday afternoon, the missing child’s mother Ms. Zhu told reporters recalled that the multi point 12 at noon, her mother took her 26 month old son Hao (a pseudonym) in rice in the neighborhood, finished rice also to lunch time, the grandchild to go home to cook to eat milk. "At one o’clock, my mom came home in a hot dish." Ms. Zhu said anxiously, the time of the incident, cocoa was the grandmother put in front of the walker to play, my mother came home up to three minutes, when she was gone out of the vast. The vast grandmother searched the whole village, the neighbors are also involved in the search operation, but yet the vast shadow. In desperation, the family to the police. It is understood that in Funing County, lived in town, Ms. Zhu before a crossroads Wang Village, a pond nearby, but far from the house. As located in rural areas, along the way there is no reliable video surveillance. "All the village health monitoring, but bad, monitoring near ponds can not find the road." Ms. Zhu also said that the incident occurred, the vast wore a dark gray suit, wearing grey trousers, wearing a pair of sandals in summer. A local female villagers riding electric car with children to express, see three van after the door. "She saw before the normal driving two cars, but the last one is going very fast, like Van tail black bag blocked, did not pay attention to the related information of the vehicle." Eight pm, the family has been rushed to the Funing County Public Security Bureau, the police to help the transfer of nearby bayonet monitoring, patrol car vehicle related information. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation, to increase efforts to find. At the intersection of press time, the disappearance of the vast still did not find their families anxious, here, hope to provide clues to insiders. The family telephone: 1805168088118961531037. The intersection of Muxiao sub development reporter Fan has nothing to do with the original video. Guangdong Qingyuan 5 year old boy at home was missing suspected traffickers walk away

盐城阜宁3岁男童家门口失踪 全城市民合力寻找 交汇点讯 11月16日,盐城市阜宁县一名3岁男童走失的帖子出现在盐城各家网络论坛上,经过推广,全城市民合力寻找。据交汇点记者了解,孩子在失踪时,曾有三辆面包车经过此处。昨天下午,失踪孩子的妈妈朱女士向记者回忆称,中午12点多,她的母亲带着她26个月大的儿子浩浩(化名)在邻居家晒稻子,翻完稻子也到了午饭的时间,奶孙俩就回家做饭吃。“一点钟的时候,我妈回家进屋热个菜。”朱女士着急地称,事发时,可可被外婆放在门前的学步车里玩,妈妈回家最多就三分钟的时间,等她再出来的时候浩浩就不见了。浩浩的外婆找遍了整个村庄,附近的邻居也参与到寻找的行动中,可迟迟没有浩浩的影子。无奈之下,家人报警求助。据了解,朱女士的家住在阜宁县板湖镇前汪村的一个十字路口,家附近有鱼塘,但距离房屋较远。由于地处农村,沿途并无可靠的视频监控。“村卫生所有个监控,但是坏了,附近鱼塘的监控也找不到路面。”朱女士还介绍称,事发时,浩浩上身着深灰色外套,下身穿浅灰色裤子,脚上穿着一双夏天凉鞋。一位当地的女性村民骑着电动车载着孩子去取快递,看到三辆面包车经过家门口。“她看到前两辆正常行驶,但最后一辆开得很快,面包车的尾部好像用黑色的袋子挡住了,根本没有注意车辆的相关信息。”晚上八点多,浩浩的家人已赶到阜宁县公安局,警方帮忙调取附近卡口监控,巡查相关的车车辆信息。 目前,警方已介入调查,加大力度,全力寻找。截至交汇点记者发稿时,失踪的浩浩依旧没有找到,其家人焦急万分,在此,希望能有知情人士提供相关线索。浩浩家人联系电话:18051680881,18961531037。交汇点记者 范木晓子拓展视频:与原文无关。 广东清远5岁男童失踪 疑似在家中被人贩子抱走相关的主题文章:

Tibet post fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level — people.com.cn Tibet c tw.battle.net

Tibet post fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level — people.com.cn Tibet channel — people.com.cn original title: Tibet post fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level in October 12th, more than 4900 meters above sea level in Tibet Takexun post four sergeant Wang Yuanjun’s wife Liu Tingting to visit the troops, luggage bag no longer has to let the soldiers to "taste" fruits vegetables, but to eat the rich dishes at the table. This change, thanks to the efforts to solve the problem at all levels of the army to eat fresh vegetables in the plateau of unremitting efforts. Over the years, the Tibet military region in support of the leading bodies at all levels, continue to explore the plateau army agricultural production, efforts to solve the problem of eating soldiers. In the area of permafrost resident, more than 4500 meters above sea level 2 meters thick, not the kind of melon, vegetables not long seedling. In the face of technology can not be improved plateau permafrost, they use the artificial way to fill the soil, the transformation of local natural environment, 3 years for the replacement of more than 6000 cubic meters of soil, the construction of greenhouses, 23. Frontline company and post arable land, they promote the introduction of the aerosol cultivation, seedling cultivation, matrix cultivation, networking control, more than 20 new technologies, innovation and construction of "base + Forces" network development model, has built a new agricultural technology experimental training base more than and 170 acres, the introduction of Tibet, white pepper and other 60 kinds of space excellent livestock, vegetables to provide troops to the plateau. The reporter saw at an altitude of over 4500 meters from the tin soldiers Nathula outpost, and old washbasin made "mini" vegetable harvest from the kinds of seasonal vegetables. After years of efforts, the Tibet military region to take agricultural and sideline production self-sufficiency and social security combination to solve force bite hard, now even in severe winter, the snow capped mountains and checkpoints can also eat fresh vegetables. October 12th to 13, more than 120 representatives from the national authorities and the Tibet Autonomous Region Government and the armed forces in Lhasa to take part in the high altitude "food basket" project and talent recruitment results to observe the scene, witnessed a new step in the Tibet military region to improve soldiers Chicai difficult to achieve. ("jiefangjun Bao" in October 14, 2016 03 Edition) (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)相关的主题文章:

Secret Xianyang Old God 75 years 400 million yuan in cash (video) fifa14下载

Secret Xianyang "Old God": 75 years 400 million yuan in cash in the main issue related pharmaceutical step before between shareholders and shareholding ratio of new shares yesterday Buchang pharmaceutical purchase, the capital market was once popular "Granny Warren" Wang Xiuzhen coming out of them. This time, Wang Xiuzhen’s identity is the most cattle mother-in-law". "Old God" appeared in the prospectus according to the announcement, Shandong step pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd yesterday for online and offline purchase. The size of the total number of 69 million 800 thousand pharmaceutical shares, the issue price of $55.88 shares, the issue price earnings ratio of 22.99 times. According to the prospectus, the actual control of man-made Buchang pharmaceutical Zhao Tao, pharmaceutical step it indirectly holds 339 million 467 thousand and 200 shares, accounting for 55.47% of the issued share capital of the former; his wife Zhao Xiaohong and his mother-in-law Wang Xiuzhen holds 12 million 76 thousand shares and 18 thousand and 400 shares, the total share capital of 1.97% and 0.003%. Along with the step of pharmaceutical market, according to the calculation of the issue price, Zhao Tao net worth more than 18 billion 900 million yuan, the Zhao Tao family was 57.83% stake, wealth value will be more than 19 billion 700 million yuan. The name "Wang Xiuzhen" was once popular in capital market, known as the famous cattle scattered Wang Xiuzhen in two years 6 reduction in Tai Chi shares 428 million yuan in cash, the market exclaimed. In the continued downturn in the stock market, a 75 year old woman turned out to be so magical, although the parties continue to speculate that the background, still can make nothing of it. Beijing Youth Daily reporter read step pharmaceutical prospectus found "indirect holding shares of the company" column shows, as of December 31, 2015, Wang Xiuzhen holds 18 thousand and 400 shares, the shareholding ratio of 0.003%, the remarks as "Zhao Tao mother-in-law". Just a word, opened a "Granny Warren" Wang Xiuzhen’s true identity. The prospectus can be found, domestic enterprises exert significant influence in related natural control, common control or in, there have been 7 appear in the name of Wang Xiuzhen, including Wang Xiuzhen funded, alone or jointly with others holding. This means that in the "Old God" of the name, is actually a member of the Zhao family engaged in industrial investment or in. Follow up three years holding value 50 times through Wang Xiuzhen in Tai Chi shares change, can see the Zhao family investment path. Tai Chi shares prospectus shows that Wang Xiuzhen involved in Tai Chi shares, from 2007 gradually from the Xianyang step pharmaceutical technology company and the natural person Zhao Xiaoling (sister of his wife) in the hands of about 13000000 shares were acquired in. Tai Chi shares in the natural person shareholders, Wang Xiuzhen is one of a small number of non employees, and the mother daughter relationship with Zhao Xiaoling. Wang Xiuzhen’s ID number shows that it is from Shaanxi, Xianyang. Earlier speculation, Wang Xiuzhen and other shareholders are nominally, it is likely to be on behalf of the group and the exercise of shareholder rights. According to Tai Chi shares announcement, Wang Xiuzhen since 2011, the 6 reduction in Tai Chi shares, totaling 428 million yuan in cash. The first reduction occurred in July 4, 2011, the same day Wang Xiuzhen through the auction trading system of about 2 million 860 thousand yuan in cash, in May 22, 2013, through the auction of Wang Xiuzhen相关的主题文章:

Chongqing Pengshui green environmental protection — North and South — even the ribbon people.com.c 女f4

Chongqing Pengshui: green environmental protection — North and South — even the ribbon people.com.cn scenery of Pengshui Pengshui county is located in the city of Chongqing ecological protection area in Southeast Chongqing, if you come to Pengshui for the first time, will be infatuated with the green ribbon of Wujiang in general and Yujiang River scenery. Two rivers and four banks was 45 degrees above the embankment, layers of trails for thousands of meters under the slowly flowing river, faint accompany every night, hundreds of thousands of people stroll leisurely. However, in a few years ago, the two rivers and four banks is raging flood of garbage all over the beach…… The transformation of these beaches, not only blocked the flood, change the built environment of the city, make the city beautiful image completely up. Just ask one of the local people can describe a past dirty scene, of course also lamented the present landscape. Because the former has become rotten beach stroll in the garden every day today. Chongqing is in the middle and connected to the west, North and south, and is the intersection of the Yangtze River economic belt point Silk Road Economic Belt, become the important node in the city on the silk road. Ecological region development of ecological conservation area northeast, Southeast Chongqing ecological conservation development areas, relying on the Yangtze golden waterway opening, the surface protection, on the point of development, the construction of ecological civilization in a more prominent position. The development of special industries, according to local conditions, urged the development of enriching and ecological benefit. As one of the forest resources in Chongqing County Pengshui city seven, the forest coverage rate of 45.5%, is the natural ecological barrier. Wujiang Gallery, Aida River, Mount Wai hill, saddle Miao and other four boutique tourist attractions throughout the country. Pengshui county has the magnificent mountains, blue water, passionate emotion, deep history and rich festival. The industrious and intelligent people of Pengshui, but because of a natural Miao song "Aida" Johnson thick, in-depth excavation of the integration of tourism resources, the careful development of tourist attractions, the depth of the promotion of tourism products, Pengshui has become the "best China cultural leisure tourism county", "Chinese Tourism Leisure Resort", "Chongqing’s most attractive the tourism district", "Chongqing top ten counties should travel". (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: