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100 thousand square meters of nano Energy Industrial Park — Beijing Huairou ground channel — people.com.cn original title: 100 thousand square meters of nano Energy Industrial Park ground in Huairou do not wear redundant equipment, with the foot, the foot of the shoe to his own power, movement monitoring, children’s health care for elderly support built-in sensor shoes; a human "battery implanted muscle driving current can produce the body’s bio mechanical energy into electrical energy, greatly prolong the service life of implantable medical devices…… Yesterday, the construction scale of more than 10 square meters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of nano energy system in Beijing Park started, aimed at the global nano energy technology original base and Research Center, the completion of the park will allow these nanotechnology technology based on acceleration into people daily life. "The traditional materials and power generation technology, can only use mechanical movement and high frequency energy into electricity, and like the heartbeat and blood flow, the low frequency vibration of vehicle driving mechanical movement, to convert it into electrical energy and to use only the nano energy technology, piezoelectric electronics can be realized." Wang Zhonglin, chief scientist of the Institute of nanotechnology, said. It may be hard to believe that car exhaust can also self purification". The friction power generation technology by nano energy related, this idea has been implemented and a powerful and unconstrained style will soon be applied to the market. In the park starting at the scene of the "friction electric vehicle tail gas filtering device, you can use the airflow in the automobile exhaust energy, vibration generated when driving machinery can form high voltage electrostatic field, realize the effective adsorption of small particles of nano and micron level in automobile exhaust. At present, this product can effectively purify the tail gas is planned for a small range of market demonstration applications. It is understood that the park will cost 1 billion yuan, with the core technology of nano and nano energy system for research and development goals, research on the piezoelectric Nano Electronics, generator and other fields, with self driven micro nano system and other major core technology as the foundation, to explore its application in sensor networks, healthcare and other areas. Park is located in Huairou Yanqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, a total construction area of 107 thousand and 900 square meters. High technology requirements will provide spacious office for scientific research, nano energy researchers in the laboratory, and a pilot and industrial incubator, attracting nanotechnology and new energy, new materials and cutting-edge innovation enterprise industry chain service enterprises. After its completion in 2018, it will become a research and development, display, communication, industrial transformation is equal to one of the world’s leading international innovation center of nano energy, to build the world’s top micro nano technology achievements transformation test field. In 2007, Wang Zhonglin pioneered the concept of piezoelectric electronics technology, and soon after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sponsored by the technical review magazine as one of the ten innovative technologies. However, the lack of money, lack of land, lack of equipment, lack of supporting the park, a technology from the laboratory to the market, the problem encountered on the way much more than people think. This is a single fund, to make the nano energy technology industry, the investment required billion dollars to play live. And this scale, plus a few years相关的主题文章: