2016 smartphone life PK look at your platoon number puritans pride

2016 smartphone life PK look at the number of your Smartphone development is changing rapidly, more and more powerful configuration, features more and more rich, a great convenience to our lives. But it does not match, the phone’s mobile phone industry has become a stumbling block to progress. A lot of people have a deep understanding of the past, the phone can be two days a charge, and now the phone is full of the day is very normal, it is helpless two. Recently, foreign media Phone Arena debut in 2016 for the 16 mainstream models were a test, the test content is the life of the phone. According to their introduction, this test method is all the mobile phone in the same conditions (screen brightness to 200, Bennett) then let mobile phone through a simulation of intelligent mobile phone browser to test typical usage patterns. Finally in the premise of uninterrupted, to obtain the models of life, as shown below: the iPhone 7 Plus in 9 hours and 5 minutes endurance performance against Guanjue pack, in 2016 to become the king of life, "Excellent rating". Followed by followed by iPhone 7, Google Pixel, iPhone SE, millet 5, Google Pixel XL, Samsung S7 edge, Moto Z Force Droid, HTC, life is more than 7 hours, the rating is Good". The Samsung S7, LG V20, LG G5, Moto Z Droid, a plus 3, SONY Xperia XZ and HUAWEI P9 rating Average, life time in less than 7 hours.相关的主题文章: