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After 5 years or longer severe haze — energy — people.com.cn original title: after 5 years of severe haze or no original title: after 5 years or longer severe Haze – expert introduction: Ling Wen, system engineering and energy engineering management expert, in 2015 was elected as academician of Academy of Engineering China. Long term commitment to using system engineering theory to solve the problem of large engineering management, presided over a dozen major coal based energy engineering research, and promote China’s coal mine safety, high efficiency, green development and clean utilization to improve the overall level. "Coal, as a high carbon product, can be low carbon development; the original high pollution emissions, can be completely lower emissions than natural gas, or even ‘zero emission’." Yesterday, in the good foreign language school, Ling Wen Chinese Academy of engineering is very emboldened to tell the students, in the field of coal utilization, integration and innovation of advanced pollution control technology can not only realize ultra low emissions, but also through the intelligent interconnection energy system, realize the sustainable development of coal based energy green. Ling Wen said that in 2015, Chinese total energy consumption was 43 tons of standard coal, accounting for 23% of the world, is the world’s largest energy consuming country; coal consumption of 39.65 tons, accounting for a proportion of 63.7% of energy consumption, but also accounted for about half of global consumption. Because of the special energy resources of our country oil less gas, relatively rich in coal, is expected in the future for a long period of time, coal is the main energy." "Coal combustion is not treated directly, low energy and high pollution and high emission; and after washing after upgrading, clean coal technology after processing, coal gas, coal oil, coal to olefins, can achieve the upgrading of traditional energy and efficient use of coal became green, high energy." Ling said that the master of modern coal chemical technology commanding height, to achieve the transformation of coal from a single fuel to fuel and industrial raw materials. In the new coal chemical coal gasification, coal liquefaction, lignite quality as the focus, for the efficient use of clean coal is significant. At present, clean energy has become the main trend of energy development in the world, the development of modern coal chemical industry based on clean conversion is an important strategic choice for China’s energy. In December 2015, the State Council executive meeting decided that in 2020, the full implementation of coal-fired units with ultra low emission and energy saving, so that all the power plant coal consumption per kWh on average less than 310 grams, 300 grams less than the average coal consumption of new power plant. "If all of the coal-fired units to achieve ultra low emissions, within 5 years of dust, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide metabolites in the average annual reduction rate reached 19%, 18.9%, 18.5%, which means that, after 5 years may no longer appear serious haze." Ling said that in the field of coal conversion, through clean coal conversion technology, coal can be converted into clean oil, and even can be used as aircraft and rocket fuel, can also be converted into polyolefins and other chemicals. "In the future, through the construction of intelligent energy system interconnection, to achieve efficient coupling of coal based energy and other new energy, renewable energy, coal will be able to achieve green development, to provide mankind more clean, reliable and affordable energy." (commissioning editor: Yan Lu DU)相关的主题文章: