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The United States government issued the first self driving car policy framework 15 points of original title: the U.S. government issued the first self driving car policy framework 15 points data figure: a new agency in Washington in September 20 driverless taxi Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yuran) with the United States on the road of self driving cars more and more test, the local Federal Ministry of transport 20 in Washington released the first self driving car policy framework, provides automatic driving a car or new technology should meet the safety assessment to 15 points on the road. Department of transportation said the same day, autonomous vehicles may be popular since the beginning of the great car transportation revolution, the United States hopes to push through the automatic driving technology innovation and open new doors for the elderly, the disabled and other groups to use the car, and further reduce the energy consumption and air pollution. National highway traffic safety administration secretary Roskin de said the same day last year, the United States has more than 35 thousand people were killed in traffic accidents, of which 94% of the accident and human error. Due to the driving of the car will not appear like a person drinking, lack of concentration and other issues, in order to meet the safety standards, the car is expected to effectively reduce the traffic accident rate. Although the provisions of the state of automatic driving vehicle has the final say, but the Ministry of transportation of this framework is equivalent to the state provides a guide for the automatic driving goal is a unified national regulatory system of the automobile is established, from safety design, testing and other aspects of the road to provide guidance for automobile manufacturers. This policy is not static, with the development of new technologies and advancing with the times. 15 safety points of Ministry of transportation listed including data recording and sharing, privacy, network security vehicle, crashworthiness, consumer education and training, after the collision, federal, state and local regulations, operation design, object and event detection and response, only to meet the above requirements, the vehicle to the road. The U.S. national highway traffic safety administration has the right to supervise the automatic driving vehicle, the right to recall the existence of security risks of the car. The United States industry organizations, "make the streets safer for automatic driving of the alliance said in a statement, support the federal government set up automatic driving policy standard into 50 states, which is conducive to encouraging innovation, for the automatic driving vehicle test power injection. Members of the alliance, including Google, excellent step, Ford, Volvo and other research and development of automatic driving car company. Last week, excellent step began in Pittsburgh to provide customers with automatic driving passenger service. But the outside world has some concerns about the safety of the autopilot. In May this year, a car in the automatic driving mode open Tesla Motors a serious accident occurred in Florida, the driver and the autopilot failed to notice a trailer car, brake system failed to start in time, Tesla LED driver died. Tesla official responded that this is the first known to drive more than 130 million miles since the first cause of death in a car accident. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: