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"Minus" single ICBC credit card to enjoy delicacy catering activities of sina finance > credit card promotions; > > the "minus" single ICBC credit card to enjoy delicacy catering activities of     09:40      October 31, 2016; activities of banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China time: December 31, 2016 Venue: Beijing, activity the time from October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, every Saturday and sunday.   two, in which the industrial and commercial bank card issued in Beijing area of the ICBC credit card   three, the activities for the cardholder to brush my credit card of ICBC, single spending 200 yuan (inclusive), up by 50 yuan per unit, each card every day use only a discount.   four, foreign restaurant business name business address reservation telephone Sishitongtang West stores Beijing Xicheng District West postern Avenue No. 85 Sishitongtang Shuangjing store in Beijing, Chaoyang District East sanhuan Road No. 59, block A Sishitongtang Gemini bodied Weigongcun store in Beijing, Haidian District Zhongguancun South Street No. 12 Sishitongtang Chegongzhuang store in Beijing Xicheng District City Hospital No. 9 Chegongzhuang Street five building A a Sishitongtang Avenue store in Beijing city of Xicheng District Tiananmen Square West Street No. 181 Tianjin Baijiaoyuan Xidan store in Beijing, Xicheng District New Culture Street No. 12 Tianjin hundred dumplings Park Fangzhuang store in Beijing, Fengtai District three South East fangqunyuan district four building 21     five, note 1 the cardholders in the designated discount day in a restaurant meal consumption, the cardholder credit card to buy recharge merchants Prepaid card or credit card does not enjoy the preferential activities; 2 a meal, not scoring single consumer credit card; 3 this offer is not valid at the same time the restaurant and other preferential activities; 4 per card per day preferential use only once; 5 per the maximum reduction of 50 yuan. 6 the use of two-dimensional code binding for my ICBC credit card payment minus concessions will also receive a drink.   six, 1 activities: activities that you specify the preferential, designated restaurants ICBC credit card brush, and register the relevant information and sign on the activity. 2 prohibit the consumption of single instructions: a meal, do not score a single card. For example, you eat a meal consumption of 500 yuan, can not be divided into more than two times or more than two card checkout. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse to accept the bank and the consumer settlement. 3 incentives to achieve: you dine in the restaurant after the designated credit card, ICBC POS machine checkout, ICBC POS machine will automatically identify whether to enjoy preferential minus card for card will automatically discount, minus restaurant, issued invoice for the actual payment amount (amount of your POS account). For example: a $200 credit card, POS card automatic billing 150 yuan, POS will display the original consumer consumption slip:相关的主题文章: