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Wu Wangxin: non farm gold can only be the first such Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Foreign exchange: the dollar Monday overall stronger, high obvious form of consolidation range, rose overnight rate is slowing down, it was apparent consolidation range, taking into account the payrolls data this week, mainly to the main shock in the back. Foreign varieties are mostly so, after a sharp fluctuation on Friday, Monday inertia has been effectively released, the market sentiment gradually become strong, sound really suited to see, the operation of foreign exchange varieties at 50 Tuesday in operation, no operation of desire. Yesterday, more than 101.80 U.S. dollars to do the United States and Japan, today 102.20-30 short-term profit out. The euro is clearly in shock. Gold: Monday’s lowest 1315, Europe and the United States disk shock rebound, although the space is not large, but the market does not enter into the pre shock mode. Technically, the daily average of 5 days with 1326 resistance, the more important of the 1335 resistance, light resistance message 1335 strong, can not find the station on the 1335 before the non reason, stand on the 1330 probability is not large, but the price shocks in the city can go to 1326. With the shift in the price of gold chips in the short term, the lower space has become very small, the value of the operation is not large, the pressure of 1326 gold can be 1318-20, below the low probability of smaller. Monday is the best time to release the inertia of inertia, the United States and the United States on Monday to choose concussion, the recent shock. From the technical chart of 4 hours chart, the price of gold in a significant downward trend, the bottom of the gold is just a rebound of 1335, waiting for the most reasonable explanation is not waiting for the break, there is no chance to break through the 1317-18 to 1335. Monday 1322 empty single steady first position in the 1323, a friend asked why the shock is the city? This is my style, steady operating should not modify the stop, every day in the form of a subtle change, reasonable stop point on Monday Tuesday becomes unreasonable, each strategy has own preconditions, premise condition is destroyed, the first is to consider robust radical departure, will select stop. Stop loss means changes in the ratio of profit and loss, but also means that contrary to the principle of a small broad, long-term will have hidden dangers. Tuesday near the static strategy 1330 loss of air to see the 1320 1320-19 stop see more than 1314 1326-28. Silver: 18.80 empty single 18.70 departure. Before the formation of the form of non farm has been formed, there is no short-term operation value. If there is a significant decline, paper silver can be considered to do more. Crude: 47.20 empty single out of 47. 47.40-50 empty stop 48 see 46.70-30. The oil shock was obvious, short-term OPEC frozen production hopeless, pile up in excess of requirement concerns still weighed on oil prices, coupled with the news of light, short-term oil prices plunged into shock, because oil prices in the local high rise is to resume its rally, preferably with news, if there is no message on相关的主题文章: