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More than ten cities will restart the purchase of experts said the intensity of regulation and control than the previous round of this year, the first tier cities and second tier cities, the first tier cities prices continue to rise. Following Xiamen, Suzhou, recently Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan have also restart the purchase of the policy, under the pressure of rising prices, the city is expected to restart the purchase of more than ten. Experts believe that the current round of the purchase of the policy is generally better than the previous round, limited role. The second is not only Hefei’s "four little dragons" purchase policy in September 28th, close to Shanghai, Kunshan issued to strengthen the management of the real estate market implementation opinion, non permanent residents in Suzhou to apply for the purchase of second homes, should be provided since before the date of the purchase of 2 years in Suzhou city has paid more than 1 years of personal income tax payment certificate or social insurance (social insurance) payment certificate. The policy is also in August after the introduction of the restriction policy in Suzhou. Nanjing city announced the purchase of the policy is clear, in the main city area, has 1 or more housing units and non city residence households, shall not purchase new housing and second-hand housing; the city residence households have 2 or more housing, no new purchase of new housing. According to the different needs of buyers to take differentiated measures to protect and just need to improve the purchase, to combat speculative purchase. Together with the previously introduced restriction policy of Xiamen and Suzhou, at present, this year prices rose the most rapid second tier four tigers (Xiamen, Suzhou, Hefei, Nanjing, Hefei) is not only the introduction of restriction policy, so the recent purchase of Hefei policy also calls up. Before Nanjing, Hangzhou announced in September 18th after the purchase of less than 10 days, again to upgrade regulatory policy, since September 28th, Hangzhou rising loan fund two suites Shoufu ratio, the proportion of commercial housing loans, two suites down payment home buyers pause. According to the announcement, two suites fund loans and commercial loans down payment ratio will not be less than 50%. The industry is expected in Hangzhou and Nanjing, the future of some real estate prices rising pressure on the second tier cities will restart the purchase of hot. Analysis of E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin on the "First Financial Daily", from the purchase of both versions and ideas, mainly follow four ideas, one is the pressure of the city housing prices first out of the purchase of the policy, the housing prices in the country rose among the top ten of the city, the policy level is most likely tighten. Two urban housing prices compared to the suburbs, the pressure will be tightened. The possibility of the core area of the city’s subsequent tightening of hot line will be relatively large, while the rural and suburban areas is not tightened, it also reflects the principle of local conditions to inventory. Three new houses rose more pressure, the possibility of tightening than the second-hand housing will be greater. Four is the possibility of local household registration policy control is greater than the local household registration, especially in some large cities in real estate, many of which are foreign speculators. Accordingly, the follow-up is expected to restart the purchase of the city of Wuhan, including Hefei, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Dongguan, Wuxi, Shijiazhuang, Xiamen, Nanjing and the Hangzhou, and Suzhou, the purchase of second tier hot restart city and the surrounding city ring line will be more than ten. For example, the Zhengzhou property market continues to heat up, Zhengzhou City Housing Authority statistics, said in August.相关的主题文章: