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Sina gathered hundreds of CMO marketing training camp held in Qinghai in 2014 after Sina Financial News on "future brand road?", 2015 Wuyuan consumer link reconstruction "the future road of the brand?" Internet plus "brand remodeling", sina finance science and technology department in Beijing in August 27th held the third session of the headquarters building (2016) Sina? The future road cum CMO brand training camp, the theme of "marketing era". The Sina launched the future brand road? CMO training camp "continuation of the previous breakthrough, change the traditional mode of communication on the basis of this forum, also added a free discussion, debate team, organization of marketing competition and so on the new PK link, through full participation in the joint training camp will build into a cross industry innovation marketing communication platform, using the new thinking of the whole industry internet thinking remodeling, explore the business model innovation and brand strategy change. Follow the trend: open intelligent marketing era facing the situation and transient opportunities the myriads of changes, how to conform to the trend and grasp the opportunity to reverse the boat and driven, brand marketing changes, seize the time the life stand down? Moment, live, short video, net red, VR, big data…… New technologies, new platforms, new ecological emerging. The popularity of the mainstream market attention gradually reduced, while the fragmentation of the individual market demand is growing, the market is the highlight of the long tail effect, the new mainstream consumer market is taking shape. A brand new marketing is changing the world, brutal single era has ended, we called the era of marketing. With the growing popularity of digital interactive, mobile devices become increasingly powerful communication tools, this change, the marketing staff to pursue the original golden laws and precious rules is no longer effective. How to grasp the trend, drive brand marketing changes, get rid of the fate of being subverted and marginalized? Today’s magic is that the use of the new era of the rapid spread of the characteristics of the new media, according to the needs of consumers and timely investment. Then, CMO, IT, financial heavyweights well-known enterprises in FMCG, automobile industry in the field will gather the evolution traceability consumer lifestyle and values, new models and new trends of the retail consumer insight, brand marketing is the most popular topic decryption. Update: in the debate of "play" marketing in 2014, in the first session of the future road of the brand, from Beijing Hyundai, Chery, Volvo, ASUS, BAIC, Ping An, three yuan, 120 Oriental aviation industry’s top brands people have appeared; and gathering Alibaba, millet, Wanda, Ping An securities, Maryma brand etc. a corporate brand in the second session of the future of the road brand in the head. This year, sina will once again convene hundreds of CMO open marketing tour, to create an entertaining big party marketing industry belongs to. Not only in the number of breakthroughs in the content also has a new upgrade. The CMO training camp will reform the traditional, will focus on creating "good marketing competition", open the "brain storm", the scene of the CMO will team up to become the debate team, deep thoughts on the current hot issues in theory, you相关的主题文章: