Nanning ” Lanshan city and robbery trial ” he also went to Guangxi hi – 小坂めぐる

Nanning " Lanshan city and robbery trial "   he killed a female neighbor also went to the Guangxi channel: Hi – original title: Nanning " Lanshan city " and robbery trial; he killed a female neighbor after he killed a female neighbor to hi actually ran a nightclub "Hi" bloody towels as "Lanshan city police investigation key and robbery trial prosecutor suggested yesterday, Chen Huiyang was sentenced to death trial of Chen Huiyang (Wu Bin photo) core tip from 15 years for theft of reeducation through labor, he has committed theft, intentional injury and other crimes in 10 years. In March this year, he had just released from prison soon, and created a sensation in Nanning "Lanshan City burglary murder". Yesterday, the 26 year old Guangdong native Chen Huiyang, on suspicion of robbery, intentional homicide, in Nanning City Intermediate People’s court for trial. On the court, Chen Huiyang for his crime confessed. He remembered the details of robbery and murder, and was very calm and indifferent. The female is shocked alone downstairs tenants strangled at home yesterday morning 9 am, Chen Huiyang was brought into court. This stout young man, frowning, tattoo on his right arm is very eye-catching. For the prosecution alleged facts, Chen Huiyang no objection. As the trial of the murder details create a great sensation of eleven reproduction. The first half of the month, Chen Huiyang from Fujian to Nanning to find a girlfriend to play the song, staying in Nanning city of Lanshan city residential building 1108 room. According to the upper floors of 1208 rooms of high heels, Chen Huiyang judged it may be a woman living alone, resulting in the idea of robbery. This year at 21:20 on March 27th Xu, Chen Huiyang heard the sound of high-heeled shoes sounded upstairs. Alone at home, Chen Huiyang looked at the hands of the next morning Nanning to Xiamen train tickets, decided to start. Subsequently, Chen Huiyang took a fruit knife came to the 1208 room, posing as property staff knocked the door. After the victim pingmou open the door, Chen Huiyang immediately broke into the room, with his hand over the mouth of pingmou, its control. Pingmou fierce resistance, bite Chen Huiyang’s right index finger. "I’ll Qiangdian things, don’t move!" Pingmou heard Chen Huiyang say so, loose mouth. Subsequently, Chen Huiyang von control to the bathroom, so she was lying face down, and covered with a piece of cloth Feng’s mouth, but also cut off the fan’s wires will be bundled pingmou. Then, Chen Huiyang in the living room for valuables, pingmou from the bag and found more than 800 yuan in cash and a mobile phone apple iPhone6SPlus. After robbing the property, Chen Huiyang began to clean the footprints, fingerprints, etc.. He thought of his finger was a lot of blood pingmou bites leave, worry about his crimes, then enter the Restroom brutally Feng Le died. Subsequently, Chen Huiyang clean up the scene again, and tried to forge the scene. (Zhou Yule, commissioning editor Xu Jinwen) original title: Nanning " Lanshan city " and robbery trial; he killed a female neighbor also went to the murder after playing catch cold hi left the scene of the murder back to his room shortly after the nightclub, Chen Huiyang)相关的主题文章: