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Chinese by academic partners HowNet as invited to participate in the European Chinese Research Conference – the media – August 24, 2016, the twenty-first session of the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS) Biennial Conference opened in St Petersburg in russia. The conference was jointly organized by the Saint Petersburg University, the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental literature, the Russian national heritage museum. Chinese HowNet as the EACS annual meeting of the cooperation unit, invited to attend the meeting and delivered a keynote report at the meeting. Tongfang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Wang Mingliang said in his speech, since twenty-first Century, "China rise" has become the most concern and China research problems for the international community. To really figure out how China will rise, we should also take a look at what the Chinese want to do. Chinese HowNet built a China scholars and international scholars collaborative research network platform, provides covering the field of Humanities and social science, natural science and technology, all kinds of documents for the majority of scholars. This platform provides a wealth of academic resources and professional knowledge services for the study of European Studies in china. Mr. Ke Chunxiao Chinese HowNet international general manager at the meeting analyzed the development trend of European China study and introduced the international collaborative research platform. He said, China research has been out of "manual workshop" into cooperation and collaborative innovation in the era of big science, multi author, interdisciplinary, cross organization, open collaborative innovation has become the new norm of the European Chinese. In order to adapt to this new mode of study, research institutions launched the OKMS Chinese HowNet knowledge management and collaborative platform, can effectively assist information access, learning, knowledge management, knowledge service, collaborative research, collaborative creation, provides strong support for the European research China. The general manager of China Europe Australia branch HowNet Ms. Feng Qi introduced the platform characteristics and resources HowNet total database platform in the report, and focus on the bilingual publication project (JTP). JTP integration of hundreds of Chinese academic journal citation, high quality, selection of social science and natural science reflects the world frontier, research hotspots and China academic advantages of academic articles, compiled by a leading translation, world famous universities and research institutions, editing and quality inspection experts, covering economic and management science, social science and Philosophy with the humanities, basic science, agricultural science, medical science and technology, engineering technology and other fields, can help to English as the study of language acquisition China European scholars the most advanced academic research results. China HowNet caused a strong reaction in the presence of scholars of the twenty-first annual EACS statement. They said, hoping to obtain more abundant resources, academic research China more advanced and more professional technical support and knowledge service platform with the help of hownet. (commissioning editor Zhao Guangxia and Song Xinrui)相关的主题文章: