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River steel and Shougang reorganization may not be far away the opinion leaders of sina finance column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Jiang Bojing from their own situation, and have difficulty in Shougang steel River; from the situation, the environment, is a good way to solve the restructuring of enterprises and local difficulties. However, if the two companies restructuring, then, because they belong to different regions of the local state-owned enterprises, will involve complex local interests, so even if there is a restructuring of the vision will be difficult. River steel and Shougang restructuring is probably not far away, although the legendary north and South China’s two largest iron and steel group did not appear, but treasure Wu Iron and steel to meet with everyone. The day before, the SASAC agreed to Baosteel Group and Wuhan iron and steel (Group) the implementation of the joint reorganization, the formation of China Bao Wu Steel Group Co. ltd.. According to the announcement, "Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group intends to implement the convertible merger". The specific way is: "with Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares to all shareholders of the convertible shares issued A shares, convertible merger of WISCO; Baosteel for the merging party and the surviving party, for the merger of WISCO merged party and non party existence; Wuhan Steel shares all the assets, liabilities, existing business the contract, personnel, qualification, and all other rights and obligations by Wuhan Iron and Steel Co. to undertake and succession, self closing date, Wuhan Co. 100% stake by Baosteel control." In other words, once the king of the Republic of the iron and steel of the Republic of life – WISCO will slowly become a historical concept, although not forgotten, but will no longer be the protagonist. At this point, I think of the original rumors on the north and South iron and steel group. Although Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel is not called the restructuring of China Southern iron and Steel Group, but in fact the entity was established. Looking at the "treasure Wu" iron and steel, in my mind there is a possible name – "first river" steel! The so-called "first river" iron and steel? Of course refers to the rumors and River Steel Group Shougang Group merged into the "northern iron and steel group". Since the reorganization of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel is called Treasure Wu Iron and steel, then if Shougang and the reorganization of the river steel really, then it can be called the first river steel. Premise, is really a reorganization of the words. So the question came, "Bao Wu" iron and steel set up, "the first river" steel how far? "River" iron and steel, there is hope, or simply impossible? Although this is a guess, but closely related to the development of China’s steel industry. To analyze the probability of this event, we should focus on Shougang, the current situation of the operation of the river steel, the environment and other details. First of all, we look at Shougang, the operation of the current situation of river steel. Look at the current situation of River steel group. The first half of 2016 the River Steel Group, it is clear from the decline in 2015 to go out. According to the earnings report, the annual report of the 2015 annual net profit of River Steel shares of 573 million, down by 17.81%. To the first quarter of 2016, net profit of 117 million tons of steel shares, down by 38.33%. And in the first half of 2016 annual report, the reporting period attributable to shareholders of listed companies net相关的主题文章: