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KIKKO barbecue – ingredients into the dish taste – Sohu and Lidongben after being abandoned, this time the South love to eat barbecue more. Barbecue grilled vegetable dish is very good. A tray can be directly on the table slowly share, or you use dianbingcheng roast is very good, both sides directly open the desktop is spread in the oven. No more? Then use the air fryer, is a few minutes, and worry more healthy oil. Today, I added a barbecue barbecue accessories. Is also the day we eat discarded a fruit skin? What is it? Right, this season is the orange season, not only cheap and delicious lungs, and every time I eat, I will put the orange peel into the dish, or dried up in winter with their feet. Fresh orange peel and pickled meat together to flavor, roast together can increase flavor, make food taste better level, you may wish to try. Material: tenderloin sauce: oyster sauce salad oil soy sauce ginger wine accessories: fresh orange peel method: 1, tenderloin sliced 2, add all the spices marinated for 30 minutes 3 grasping uniform, fresh orange peel into the preheated air fryer in 4, marinated meat into the frying pan 5, 200 degrees about 8 minutes, while the fever point of black pepper particles or cumin powder are good tips when pickled finally add salad oil grasping uniform lock moisture in high temperature and fast roast can lock the moisture well, time not too long, just cooked just eat when collocation like lettuce, orange peel can fishy taste better increase sweet, can try to Kazakhstan相关的主题文章: