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Secret Xianyang "Old God": 75 years 400 million yuan in cash in the main issue related pharmaceutical step before between shareholders and shareholding ratio of new shares yesterday Buchang pharmaceutical purchase, the capital market was once popular "Granny Warren" Wang Xiuzhen coming out of them. This time, Wang Xiuzhen’s identity is the most cattle mother-in-law". "Old God" appeared in the prospectus according to the announcement, Shandong step pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd yesterday for online and offline purchase. The size of the total number of 69 million 800 thousand pharmaceutical shares, the issue price of $55.88 shares, the issue price earnings ratio of 22.99 times. According to the prospectus, the actual control of man-made Buchang pharmaceutical Zhao Tao, pharmaceutical step it indirectly holds 339 million 467 thousand and 200 shares, accounting for 55.47% of the issued share capital of the former; his wife Zhao Xiaohong and his mother-in-law Wang Xiuzhen holds 12 million 76 thousand shares and 18 thousand and 400 shares, the total share capital of 1.97% and 0.003%. Along with the step of pharmaceutical market, according to the calculation of the issue price, Zhao Tao net worth more than 18 billion 900 million yuan, the Zhao Tao family was 57.83% stake, wealth value will be more than 19 billion 700 million yuan. The name "Wang Xiuzhen" was once popular in capital market, known as the famous cattle scattered Wang Xiuzhen in two years 6 reduction in Tai Chi shares 428 million yuan in cash, the market exclaimed. In the continued downturn in the stock market, a 75 year old woman turned out to be so magical, although the parties continue to speculate that the background, still can make nothing of it. Beijing Youth Daily reporter read step pharmaceutical prospectus found "indirect holding shares of the company" column shows, as of December 31, 2015, Wang Xiuzhen holds 18 thousand and 400 shares, the shareholding ratio of 0.003%, the remarks as "Zhao Tao mother-in-law". Just a word, opened a "Granny Warren" Wang Xiuzhen’s true identity. The prospectus can be found, domestic enterprises exert significant influence in related natural control, common control or in, there have been 7 appear in the name of Wang Xiuzhen, including Wang Xiuzhen funded, alone or jointly with others holding. This means that in the "Old God" of the name, is actually a member of the Zhao family engaged in industrial investment or in. Follow up three years holding value 50 times through Wang Xiuzhen in Tai Chi shares change, can see the Zhao family investment path. Tai Chi shares prospectus shows that Wang Xiuzhen involved in Tai Chi shares, from 2007 gradually from the Xianyang step pharmaceutical technology company and the natural person Zhao Xiaoling (sister of his wife) in the hands of about 13000000 shares were acquired in. Tai Chi shares in the natural person shareholders, Wang Xiuzhen is one of a small number of non employees, and the mother daughter relationship with Zhao Xiaoling. Wang Xiuzhen’s ID number shows that it is from Shaanxi, Xianyang. Earlier speculation, Wang Xiuzhen and other shareholders are nominally, it is likely to be on behalf of the group and the exercise of shareholder rights. According to Tai Chi shares announcement, Wang Xiuzhen since 2011, the 6 reduction in Tai Chi shares, totaling 428 million yuan in cash. The first reduction occurred in July 4, 2011, the same day Wang Xiuzhen through the auction trading system of about 2 million 860 thousand yuan in cash, in May 22, 2013, through the auction of Wang Xiuzhen相关的主题文章: