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Warm heart to accurate condolences (micro survey) – Society – at the turn of the year, all over the country to send warm activity is hot. The central leading cadres at all levels should follow the three three real strict requirements, the grass-roots level, the requirements of the masses in the pulse of sympathy, precise helping assistance, the party and the government’s care and warmth to the poor on the hearts of the masses. The subsidy varies with the price, field visits to implement the coming Spring Festival, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of civil affairs in conjunction with the Department of Finance allocated 210 million yuan of special funds for urban and rural low object, rural five objects, enjoy the state subsidies for entitled groups, city three noes elderly, orphans and other disadvantaged groups of five categories, grants 100 yuan per person. The standard plan before the Spring Festival, all issued in place, a total of about 2100000 urban and rural poor people. In the field visits condolences, will focus on supervision of social assistance policy implementation. Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, since December 25th last year, in the city to carry out "send warmth, love" social donations and visits and condolences activities. The donation of $1 million 570 thousand, leading cadres at all levels of urban and rural poor households visited about 1200 households, capital and goods amounting to 2 million 300 thousand yuan condolences. Jiangsu province also combines the price change with subsidies to the urban and rural poor masses, and adjusts the subsidy standards with the price rise, so as to ensure that the life of the difficult people during the festival is not greatly affected by the rise in prices. Employment assistance delivery technology, combined with the actual do live in Jiangsu city of Xuzhou Province, Quanshanqu Pangzhuang Street Office of the laid-off workers Wang Huiqin, has just received a "holiday gift": through community employment information management system, and then she realized her employment at home. Do practical things, send warmth will have "heat"". Quanshan district with their own reality, the people concerned about the employment, medical care, housing and other livelihood issues "". For the masses of unemployed, Quanshanqu established "point to point" employment platform, to achieve dynamic "two-way docking"; establishment of the family bed in 14 community health service centers, let the poor families of patients no longer "expensive"; the continued implementation of the shantytowns project, and the 56 Old District conducted a comprehensive renovation. The day before, dasanjiazi Zhen Feng Shubao elderly Beipiao city very lively. From their more than 30 households from all sides are listening to experts, jujube pruning and low planting close planting technology seminar. This is the time of peasant’s free use of Beipiao City, a technology promotion activities to carry out animal breeding and planting industry. Don’t make up the culture to the countryside, to mobilize the masses to play a leading role in the city of Beipiao, 2016 "into the countryside, into the community, into the campus, into the factory, into the barracks into five cultural Huimin activities are underway. The cultural departments in-depth remote rural farmers like to send the play to the countryside, the performance of traditional opera; organization of movie team, the movie to the doorstep of farmers; to send books to the community library; organizational culture museum staff in-depth courtyard, rural culture and cultural center, the peasants to carry out cultural compound guidance performances; at the same time, the city urban and rural people spontaneously formed a team, yangko dance fitness team, cultural compound culture square, now singing, now dancing and laughter. In Inner Mongolia

精准慰问 温暖直达心坎(微调查)–社会–人民网   岁末年初,全国各地的送温暖活动正火热开展。中央要求各级领导干部要按照“三严三实”的要求,深入基层,在慰问中把脉群众所需,精准帮扶救助,把党和政府的关怀和温暖送到贫困群众心坎上。  补贴随物价而变,实地走访抓落实  春节来临,江苏省民政厅会同财政厅下拨专项资金2.1亿元,对城乡低保对象、农村五保对象、享受国家抚恤补助的优抚对象、城市“三无”老人、孤儿等五类困难群体,按照每人100元的标准发放补助金,计划春节前全部发放到位,惠及210多万城乡困难群众。在实地走访慰问中,还将重点督查社会救助政策落实情况。  辽宁省北票市则从去年12月25日开始,在全市范围内开展“送温暖、献爱心”社会捐助和走访慰问活动。目前捐款额约157万元,各级领导干部走访城乡贫困户约1200户,慰问资金和物品折款230万元。  江苏省还将物价变动情况与对城乡困难群众发放补贴结合起来,随着物价上涨幅度调整补贴标准,确保困难群众节日期间的生活不因物价上涨而受到较大影响。  就业帮扶送技术,结合实际办实事  家住江苏省徐州市泉山区庞庄街道办事处的下岗职工王慧琴,刚刚收到一份“节日大礼”:通过社区就业信息管理系统,她在家门口实现了再就业。  办实事,送的温暖才会有“热度”。泉山区结合自身实际,在群众关心的就业、就医、安居等民生问题上“做文章”。对于失业群众,泉山区建立了“点对点”就业平台,实现动态“双向对接”;在14个社区卫生服务中心建立“家庭病床”,让贫困家庭患者不再“看病贵”;继续实施棚户区改造工程,并对56个老旧小区进行了综合整治。  日前,北票市大三家子镇冯树宝老人家异常热闹。来自四面八方30多户枣农,正在倾听专家进行大枣剪枝和低植密植技术专题讲座。这是北票市利用农民农闲时间,有针对性开展的动物养殖和种植业的技术推广活动。  文化下乡不凑数,动员群众唱主角  在北票市,2016年“进乡村、进社区、进校园、进工厂、进军营”五进文化惠民活动正在进行。文化部门深入偏远农村送戏下乡,演出农民喜爱的传统评剧;组织电影放映队,把电影放映到农民的家门口;为社区书屋送图书;组织文化馆业务人员深入农村文化大院、文化中心户,辅导文化大院开展农民自办的文艺演出活动等;同时,全市城乡群众自发组建多支秧歌队、健身队,文化广场上、文化大院内载歌载舞、笑声朗朗。  在内蒙古自治区鄂尔多斯市,65岁的蒙古族大爷纳顺德力格尔最近很忙碌。春节将至,作为园丁社区书画协会成员,他要为全社区写几百副春联。“书画协会是我们自发成立,场地设备由社区提供,协会有专业书法讲师。”大爷笑着说。  “往年年底街道社区干部常组织一些文体活动,我们普通百姓时常有被拉去‘充人头’的感觉。今年活动项目多,而且有专门的协会指导,我们居民自己组织参与,特别热闹!”秧歌队的奇玉霞说。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月01日 01 版)相关的主题文章: