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Careers-Employment Recruiters of the new Business World: In a world where Entrepreneurship has shook the very roots of corporate culture and good talent has be.e hard to find and even harder to retain, Human resources management has be.e a corporate dinosaur being quickly replaced by a new breed of experts called talent acquisition experts. These Professionals get training in the modern and futuristic science of talent management and talent acquisition. Many organizations have started to create flexible cultures to make their work places more hip to younger professionals most of whom are more prone towards getting involved in Startups where there efforts have bigger impacts than old mature organizations where their role was traditionally limited to single monotonous tasks. These younger professionals are the real deal for businesses and their increasing scarcity has forced organizations to think creatively and .e up with unique solutions. Today we will discuss five ways to retain top talent in your organization. Treat Them as Family: Gone are the days when the customer was the king. The real king is the employee because if you have unhappy they will be.e reactive professionals instead of be.ing proactive assets for your organization. In this age of increasing .petition between businesses, a good employee is your front line of defense against .petitors. Make your employees feel it at home. The happier your employees are at work the better they will treat your customers. A Clear Vision is good for Business: Remember your employees see towards you and if they sense that, you lack leadership skills than good employees tend to leave organization. It is very important you clarify and share everything related with business with your employees. As humans we naturally appreciate being part of the decision making process. Moreover, this acts as an assurance to employees who deem this action as motivating and important. A clear vision and well set strategies to achieve long term and short-term goals retain top talent within your firm, as everyone understands their roles and their importance in the organization. Free and Open Corporate Culture: Virgin Founder Richard Branson has been a shining example when it .es to sincere efforts for creating a better work place environment for his work force. Today what once was only a record label .pany is one of the largest group of .panies in the world dealing nearly all the major services sectors. How to Implement Talent Management in Pakistan: Pakistan is growing economy of more than 200 million people of whom more than 60% are young people aging from 16 to 33 years of age. While the Brain influx is a great news for the country. If this talent needs to managed properly or handled by corporate sector of the country this would result in a brain drain, which means skilled professionals leaving the country for better opportunities abroad. Caliber Vantage provides your university that chance by hooking your students up with top experts in the corporate world. Thus acting as the first talent management system in Pakistan, our Professionals can directly interact with talented students offering them crucial advice and even work opportunities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: