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Domain-Names The past decade has seen a sort of a revolution when it .es to the mobile phone market, with things changing for the better. One of the biggest changes is how easy it’s be.e for mobile phone users to get online using smart phones such as the iPhone. There are millions of people around the world that use smart phones today to manage their lives, stay in touch with friends, and use the Internet for a lot of things. It’s only logical that there should be a way for online marketers to leverage this trend to their advantage. Designing a mobile website represents a real opportunity for you to easily enter the mobile marketplace. If you want your mobile website to get noticed, you have to follow certain principles that will ensure it doesn’t get lost in the crowd. There are some surefire ways to make sure your mobile website gets noticed, and we’ll be covering some of them here. How To Make A Mobile Version Of Your Landing Page: There are several advertising networks that you can use to get traffic to your site and people to access it on their mobiles; a good example of this is Google AdWords which allows you to utilize their content network to target mobile phones. You must remember to send this traffic the mobile version of your landing page, opposed to the desktop version, because it will not work for them and you are paying money per click every time a visitor .es and goes. Even when both of these pages inherently look the same, they are not the same when the device changes. Your conversion rates will go down if you send your visitors to the desktop version which will not look right when viewing it with a mobile phone. The landing page for mobile phones that you create should be designed with a minimal straightforward appearance. Don’t Your Main Site: While it’s great to have a site that’s made for the mobile market, some people still prefer a more detailed, traditional website, so you should link your mobile site to your main one. You want to please as many people as possible; you can get new prospects or customers directly from a mobile site, but others will want to see your main site before they’re convinced. Linking to your primary website will provide you with more visitors, and it will show the people who find your mobile site that you have a larger presence online. Maintain Clarity: People on mobile phones are easily distracted, and often don’t spend much time on any one site. This is obvious because people tend to skip from one site to another fairly fast on mobiles. A mobile site, then, isn’t the place to include extra or unnecessary material, as it will only distract the user. Now you should be ready! Just remember these suggestions when you put together your mobile website, and you’ll do fine. Create a site that’s appealing and straightforward, with a clear call to action and you’ll get the results you want. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: