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9.27 crude oil asphalt asphalt will collapse, gas release Sina how empty single quilt fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The crude asphalt post market trend analysis I firmly bearish technical aspects: from the four hour chart, Bollinger with shut sign a big negative column oil prices from falling below the Sergey Brin on track under the top of the rail operation, MACD Sicha downward, green volume operation, KDJ index down operation. The daily Bollinger Bands has been below the Bollinger oil gauge, MACD index turned down, the red column shows the power into the green column, KDJ index began to turn downward; the comprehensive technology and message to analyse, personally think that the OPEC freeze production agreement will not be reached, the market is such a collective view short, every time before each meeting and OPEC will release a positive side, Rui Bin reminded investors not to be confused. My personal opinion for trends in crude oil asphalt tomorrow, simple and crude, is bearish, see is big break, why under my guidance on prestige. Empty single quilt you rest assured that you find me, for me a trust, I have a harvest. How do the bitumen empty single quilt? How to get out of trouble? Whether the market shocks or unilateral market, since the first single, don’t panic, must keep a clear mind to determine the post market trend, a single release is not so complicated, do not carry the dead and do not conform to the trend of entry, when necessary, must stop out, otherwise it is fatal. Let yourself set is not to give yourself the opportunity to choose the posterior, loss of a single again or choose to rest, learn from and opportunity at any time, a single small loss to avoid being deep set, this is the reason for the. Here I talk about crude oil release scheme: empty single high of more than a single I want to have a similar, yet out now is a good opportunity, I personally recommend quickly out of a free body at. Empty single quilt: low near $45 a friend is trouble now, now set up a hundred points, but this is very troublesome, with tomorrow’s callback, person is bearish for tomorrow’s view, such as steady near $45.5 fell out, radical fell to 45 near the exit; ratio estimation already at the throat, so Rui Bin suggested is to lighten up, let your margin more can breath, Qingcang should not have been a hundred points, because you do not have strict stop, the teacher gives a list of wrong is wrong, stop the flow on the line, why should carry a snowball. Regret has found it difficult to buy medicine! Lock list: light sets of 45.5 dollars out of the empty left, long line lock single wait for the case of 45 support. There is long-term funding requirements, if the amount of money you big, long OK, no problem, the amount of money in general, somehow suocang, I personally think that is suocang duller than the stop lock unlock, saying the undead have to lock off the skin, so the pen on a friend相关的主题文章: