A brief comment on the 5 mainstream mobile phone processor advantages and disadvantages, not afraid havd707

A brief comment on the 5 mainstream mobile phone processor advantages and disadvantages, not afraid of watching mobile phone – Selection Technology of Sohu mobile processor industry competition is cruel, because it is a high technical threshold, the monopoly industries, enterprises are constantly refreshed after several years of technical circumstances can survive, it is not easy. In the elimination of a number of companies such as TI, including NVIDIA, chip manufacturers, mobile processor industry now the basic pattern has been set, leaving only to the five major manufacturers of apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, Qualcomm, MediaTek as the representative. The top three products for their own basic mobile phone for the latter, the market coverage of all major brands. Even so, there are still some consumers do not know which model to choose which processor. Today, ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) for critical comments on these five processors each of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can rest assured to buy a bold buy. The apple A series iOS and Android system due to different mechanisms, so we can not simply compare performance, but play apple A series processors in their own platform or something. The performance advantages of apple A series processor is the biggest core to achieve a high to fewer, so as to meet most of the needs of the consumer experience — the application not cotton, the big game can do, but also to meet the basic daily use in battery life, power consumption. The main disadvantage is that there is room for improvement in terms of its process, this year, Apple has been the third time using TSMC 16nm process, the latest A10 chip is completely abandoned the Samsung 14nm process. The reason and the difference between the two versions of the life before the iPhone 6S, Samsung’s early 14nm technology is not mature, the recent tension between the two companies have a relationship. Fortunately, the rumors said that next year apple A11 will use TSMC 10nm process, presumably in the power control to a higher level. When it comes to Qualcomm Xiaolong Xiaolong processor, in fact, most of the users are love and hate. Love is of course love its powerful performance, especially the performance of GPU processor is the flagship in Android Yiqijuechen, Xiaolong 820 became the flagship of the standard 90% year. If you’re playing Android big game, best buy Qualcomm flagship processor. In addition, Qualcomm’s full Netcom is also relatively well-known in the industry, Samsung’s flagship line of several generations of Qualcomm is the reason for this. In addition, the status of Qualcomm in the brush industry is also very high, Qualcomm’s third party ROM resources are very rich, because it is open source, a lot of work is also relatively easy to transplant progress. Of course, there are a lot of hate. The first heating control, although the 820 year has been much better, but last year the snapdragon 810 is said to be cooked egg. The stability of general, exposed vulnerabilities news a few times, folk and even app snapdragon mobile phone to detect whether there are loopholes. At present, the basic pattern of the snapdragon processor 800 Series 600 series of high-end flagship, 400 series, 200 series of low-end end. The market is still more than 800 and the series of 600相关的主题文章: