A French company sued Apple iPhone should not be restrictions on external browser winfast

A French company sued apple on October 9th: iPhone should not Re code Chinese censoring external browser station reported a French software company sued the Apple Corp in the United States, the iOS operating system compatible with the web technology standards more, change the current situation of monopoly. The plaintiff called Nexedi, is an open-source software company, the company said they filed a lawsuit in accordance with the relevant laws of France, the purpose is to let the apple support more web browser engine technology in iOS system. Currently in iOS, Apple has the official browser Safari, users can also download external browsers, such as Google (micro-blog) Chrome. However, all external browsers can only use Apple’s own web rendering engine. Such restrictions, so that other external browsers, the latest web technology can not be introduced into the apple version. The current web technology in rapid evolution, the latest web technologies already supports WebM video file format, and for real-time communication of the WebRTC standard, but these technologies are not in the iOS version of the browser, because these products can only use Apple’s "engine. The plaintiff said he hoped that through this lawsuit, urging Apple Corp to support more advanced web technology as soon as possible. It is reported that in the past few years, the external browser developers in the iOS working environment is actually improving. Prior to the iOS 8 operating system, all external browser software, only the use of Apple’s very slow Web rendering engine, and in iOS 8, apple upgraded the engine, web browsing speed has improved. But the plaintiff also pointed out that even if the Apple Corp’s own Safari browser, the mobile phone version in support of HTML5 and other "new technology, behind the computer version of Safari, or other companies to develop the browser. For the lawsuit, Apple has yet to comment. (compile dawn) [Chinese related rights and American Recode works by Tencent Inc owned exclusively. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: