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UnCategorized If you own a printer, which you most probably do, then at some point you will have .e across those pesky things known as ink cartridges. They also seem to run out when you really need something printed and the ones that you purchased always go missing, much like the infamous sock in the washing. However what you probably don’t know about cartridges are the profits and legalities that surround these elusive printer essentials. Firstly, before you handover that money for your new printer at what you think is a bargain, make sure you have done a little bit of research into the actual cost of the ink cartridges. Most .panies sell their printers at a low cost, even at below cost price at times. This may seem like an affordable, sensible purchase but actually the real money that they know they will make is with the cost of the cartridges. According to an American study around 21 billion US dollars are spent a year on refill cartridges. Know how much you are getting from your ink cartridges and the cost it is for you to print out every single page. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have created testing standards for printers so that consumers and manufacturers can help establish the yield of Inkjet cartridges and Toner cartridges. This information will help to find out the actual price of printing a page. Almost every major manufacturer of ink cartridges have seen lawsuits regarding the sale and use or reused cartridges. In Japan, Epson won a law case that saw that the re-use of cartridges has be.e banned. So when purchasing ink cartridges in the UK make sure you know the policies about reuse and refilling. In 2005 Lexmark won the rights to the ‘single use’ concept which is written on all of their packaging and ink cartridges. This means that anyone who refills a Lexmark cartridge for use could be charged and face legal action. Which really, is neither good for the environment and means that the consumer will have to keep paying full price to refill their printer. Be aware when you are choosing the brand you wish to use or your printer that you are aware of issues such as this, so that you don’t end up paying hue amounts for the upkeep of your printer. Those that are equally environmentally minded will also want to find a printer with cartridges that can be refilled at a smaller cost to the environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: