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Travel-and-Leisure When you are planning your special wedding day you might want to consider having it on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. You will never be able to capture the pounding waves, the warm sand, along with the salt air in any enclosed building – yet, this is all possible if you choose a Outer Banks oceanfront hotel. Many Things to Consider for Your Special Day You will need to consider several things when planning your special occasion. For example, each beach area has its own management. Therefore, you will first need to determine the area where you want to hold your ceremony. The uniqueness of the Outer Banks offers you the choice between the ocean, on the east; and the sound, on the west. Obviously the month of the year you plan your wedding date is important. A spectacular evening wedding, in the peak of the summer is better suited for the east facing ocean beaches. If you are thinking about a fall wedding – the sound provides cool, beautiful backgrounds offering delightful sunsets. The locations, dates, and so forth might sound overwhelming. However, you might consider consulting a sunrise/sunset chart for the time of year you want to be married. This resource will provide you with sunset information. Then you can contact the town where you plan to marry to obtain permission, if it is needed. The Outer Banks in NC Are Great for Weddings The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a setting for a beautiful beach wedding. The clean, open beaches, along with the historic heritage and sites offer the bride and groom a magnificent beginning to their married life. Too, there are a number of large, family oriented ac.modations to host guests and family members. Couples have the opportunity to make all of the decisions regarding their wedding. Some couples prefer to be married shoeless while allowing their toes to explore the sand. This can happen on the beaches of Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, or Hatteras Island. Other couples prefer a beautiful garden setting on the mesmerizing Roanoke Island. Still, some couples find the stunning Art Nouveau mansion in Corolla to be the ideal setting for their marriage ceremony. The beautiful locations the Outer Banks offer is limitless. Brides and grooms can select from a Nags Head hotel, a statuesque lighthouse, a rustic ocean pier, and many other locations. The Outer Banks Everything Youre Looking For The Outer Banks of North Carolina offers the beauty the bride seeks, the rustic environment many grooms enjoy, and ac.modations with sophistication that the families will wel.e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: