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Abandon the false proposition watch homemade explosion of new era of comprehensive definition of science and technology – Sohu scoop November 7th news: in recent years, people increasingly fiery but variety, review the rise of the development process, but it is dense willow trees and bright flowers. The rise in the television, but burst of red on the network, "said" the wonderful, the variety has been Suren attention outside the industry, and the "intelligence" of the Mars screen, make a big wave approximation "naive" three or four lines of small stars in an instant burst of red. With the various video platforms and users of this kind of "no star burden and play" variety show more attention, you can predict the outbreak of martial arts will come. The content of the supremacy of the existence of a large number of homemade network integration, the explosion of Youku president and Ali music CEO Yang Weidong Youku autumn pointed out that good content is the core element of the explosion of the most comprehensive network core elements. So only to create a new way of expression, a new point of view and aesthetics, and even a new content to be able to attract and get enough recognition of users, it is possible to become a burst of network integration. Youku potatoes homemade "Mars" comprehensive intelligence bureau as an example, it has been able to become explosive, the key lies in the production team did not take the most comprehensive network production team to buy copyright directly copy creative mode of routine, but from the content to the form have adopted a new model, the popular topic of discussion and deliberation on the west house form. This avoids the copyright fee by routine old-fashioned and increased forced into a dead end, also attracted a large number of the user’s eye, finally become an explosion of homemade coal. According to a group of senior vice president Wang Ping said in a cool autumn, the explosion of network ensemble "Mars Intelligence Agency" the second season has not yet launched, advertisers put it has exceeded 400 million yuan. However, as in the "Mars" explosion before the CIA, who thought the show would do such a fire, advertisers will millions of advertising? Say homemade "recently fully over the fire and the best beauty", on-line only a month was nearly 250 million times the amount of play good grades, but before broadcast who can think of this program will reach the peak of perfection so? Many programs are fire only after some analysis show the existence of the "explosion" gene, but if the analysis on the program before the fire, then we can advance precipitation potential explosion models, and a low investment in exchange for more comparable to the "explosion of publicity. Therefore, before the program can be made to predict the ability to fire very valuable, this ability can bring more effective advertising for advertisers. The optimal placement of advertisers need to identify the potential explosion from the main point of view, the most important thing to do is think about how to spend my money, in order to maximize the effectiveness of advertising. Currently on the market potential explosion of a lot, most of which can be identified through the mode, content, popularity and reputation in the industry. So how to accurately identify the potential burst of money, advertisers are now the most need to master the ability. Youku homemade network heald "beauty and gourmet" as an example. First of all, the beauty and the best in the program mode of innovation, the program took the first experience after love, free combination",".相关的主题文章: