After the child took a bath, her mother went back to the bedroom to take clothes, just 2 minutes of huangshexiaoshuo

The child after a bath, mother back to the bedroom to take the clothes, just 2 minutes of a child’s life – a mother to infant Sohu 9 month old boy after a bath in the bathroom, for fear of accidents, the bath water is clean, blocking the drain, and then let the baby sit in an empty bathtub. If the child catch a cold, he was returned to the bedroom bag and clothes, usually do. Just left, I heard the baby crying, my mother thought the baby uncomfortable, did not go back, I want to take the clothes and then go to see the baby. Until the clothes took half of the baby’s cries more and more sharp and painful, it was realized that there might be an accident, and quickly ran into the bathroom. The moment of shock! Just leave about 2 minutes, the hot tub was hot water, and has flooded the baby’s chest, the children sit inside not stop screaming. Burn area of Forty-two percent, including genital. The original is the baby sitting in a bathtub just in front of the water heater switch, because of curiosity by hand touch, leading to the hot water switch is opened, causing the tragedy. Give your baby a bath is a small thing, but if the mother is careless, simple things will brew tragedy. Inventory of 10 mothers and 9 wrong bath habits do you have? 1, put too much on the shower bath too much and not easy to clean, but also easy to let the baby body is very slippery, adults up easy to slide out, may cause the baby falls. 2, bath halfway away adults to bathe the baby, just go away for a while, or halfway to get a toy or a towel, clothes, even the children will be walking alone, let him be prone to drowning, falls and other bathroom. The bath water bath 3, midway through the heated water, especially in the winter to cool, some parents for the sake of convenience, directly into the tub of water, so there is a big security risk, baby curiosity by hand, if he stretched forth, it is very easy to happen. Or heating water can not be synchronized to know the water temperature in the basin, causing the baby was scalded. 4, directly to the baby shower rinse whether gas water heater or electric water heater, in the just opened when the water temperature is low, the use of long water heater, water can sometimes hot and sometimes cold, if not that easy to catch a cold or scalded baby. Or adjust the temperature bath to give the baby a bath. 5, hot water switch installed too low young children curiosity, parents are not allowed to play things, the more the baby to try. So there is a home, the bathroom inside the hot water switch can not be too low, so as not to touch the baby accident. 6, the baby will be placed directly under the faucet bath is not too high in general, if the baby under the faucet bath, adults are not convenient, the baby is also easy to hit. In addition, the adults in the process of giving the baby a bath, it is possible to accidentally touch the faucet switch, once the unfortunate encounter hot water stalls, hot water will cause the baby to be burned.相关的主题文章: