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Societe Generale global Cheng Liangliang: with the first to earn his one hundred million goal after the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – Industrial Global Fund Cheng Liangliang "want to do best in the world is right, but it is best to first set a can achieve small goals, for example I’ll earn him one hundred million." In 2016 the Chinese richest man Wang Jianlin domineering quotations recently on the network spread like wildfire, the $28 billion 700 million of assets ranked "Forbes" ranked eighteenth in the world’s rich suggestions for young people who want to be the richest man. And this small goal also allows users to shock not, have said nothing to say, which went back to develop small goals. Perhaps Wang Jianlin’s own materials and has not such a sentence to encourage young people to "chicken soup" will become a network of popular jokes. But have to admit that a clear goal and desire is almost every successful person has one of the best qualities. In the process of stock investment, with the goal to earn one hundred million of investors but also meet the eye everywhere, why most individual investors are in the final of this glorious goal under the guidance of the capital market was reduced to harvest the leek? The crux of the problem may be out of the goal, but do not have the ability to match the target management and implementation capacity. Behind the one hundred million small target is Wang Jian, Baiyiqianyi even more goals, more important is after the one hundred million small target implementation. When we set a goal to make money in the stock market, how to invest is the key to achieve this goal. How to select the suitable investment targets, how decide to buy or sell, set up a good profit and loss point and so on, the investment decision-making process cumbersome in the most difficult is probably the execution, the strict implementation of the investment discipline. For the most simple example, although almost all of the individual investors will decide to buy a stock in my heart silently down how much to sell, how much to sell up. But really few. Statistics show that almost 80% of individual investors in the face of the hands of the stock held by the profit and loss of the stock to sell the decision, will choose to sell earnings, continue to hold losses. Because most people would think that part of the profit is earned, and some of the losses must be returned, even if the price has already hit the original set of stop loss line. It is actually a kind of so-called "bounded rationality" that is explained by the theory of behavioral science". Herbert, a master of management in the United States, a famous management scientist and social scientist, ·, who once won the Nobel prize in economics with the theory of. According to Simon’s theory of "bounded rationality", when people make a decision, they tend to end up in those who will be the most satisfied with the current program, rather than the ideal "optimal solution"". In the above case, it is actually a selective separation of view, rather than the overall perspective of the best choice. So as to abandon their original formulation of discipline, and ultimately affect the original goal of the realization of the path. The vast majority of theory相关的主题文章: