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Apple Corp embrace bitcoin? U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming with the launch of iPhone 7, this month in the upcoming release of iOS 10, Circle bitcoin wallet into Apple’s iMessage, which for the development of bitcoin industry can be said it is a great progress. According to overseas media reports, the upcoming apple iOS 10 update, including a new design of iMessage services, the third party platform Circle Pay has been confirmed settled. Arala, chief executive officer of Circle, said bitcoin payment services added to iMessage would benefit consumers. January 2014, Apple has been fully blocked bitcoin wallet on the iOS platform, including Blockchain, Coinbase and Coinjar, including multiple App were forced off the shelf. Therefore, the majority of market participants said that Apple’s move can be understood as open arms embrace bitcoin. Founded in 2013, Circle, is a U.S. financial technology start-ups, mainly to provide the core of the block chain as the core technology of payment transfer services. In June this year, Circle was led by IDG capital investment, Breye capital, Baidu and other leading round of investment D round of financing $60 million. Some analysts have said that bitcoin prices recently exceeded 4000 yuan mark again, perhaps also with the financial institutions have to study the block chain technology. Block chain is the underlying technology of digital currency bitcoin. For bitcoin, block chain technology can track currency transactions, but this technology can also track any valuable things, including stocks, bonds or other financial securities. International credit card organization announced on the day of Visa, the application block chain technology to inter bank settlement and payment field. For Apple access bitcoin payment, OKCoin founder and CEO Xu star said: This is one of the typical applications of bitcoin in the field of cross-border remittances. Apple followed the trend of technological development, the first to support bitcoin remittance applications, will give users a great convenience. Another point from the big direction although in recent years there have been a large number of alternative payment methods, but there is no more perfect, bitcoin can really help businesses avoid credit card fees, and additional costs from currency conversion generated by the killer products now, bitcoin can help users to get rid of the shackles. Although there are many opponents have all sorts of discontent and doubt encryption currency, but it is undeniable that the encrypted digital currency technology has become a part of global financial reform." Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: