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Apple Watch Series 2 with the previous generation what is the difference? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] Apple science news today (98) held a press conference in the morning Beijing time, in addition to the new iPhone 77 Plus, also launched a new Apple Watch Series 2. However, compared to the first generation has been more than 1 and a half years ago, this was originally expected to be called Apple Watch 2 smart table, what are the differences? In fact, the main function and appearance, Apple Watch Series and 2 of all generations have no what difference, but apple in maintaining the same endurance, joined the GPS, reduce the dependence on watch iPhone, and can resist seawater 50 meters waterproof function, suitable for some love swimming or surfing users often came to the beach. Enhance the basic processor performance is also included in the Apple Watch Series 2 upgrade project, but because the smart watch is still not popular, the lack of consistent standards to look at the dual core upgrade exactly what. In order to achieve excellent waterproof function, but also can not cover the hole and watch the sound, Apple Watch Series 2 uses a unique way of drainage, let water flow into the water will be excluded from the sound, then the sound vibration, but also to watch the screen with 1000 nits brightness, but in addition, hand Apple Watch Series 2 will not introduce other hardware features or new sensors, perhaps apple have tried in watchOS 3 enhancement algorithms to meet the watch, watch in the sports and health aspects of the product demand. * Apple Watch Nike+. (Source: Apple) it is worth mentioning that, in fact, so far, after three generations of watchOS, Apple has dramatically changed the Apple Watch product line. In the past, apple is in accordance with the original material and the watchband different, the launch of the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition three series, but in Series 2, Apple has been completely removed this statement, replaced by a number of different series of products: Apple Watch Series to describe the new Conference: 2 the launch of the model, the price than the previous generation also increased slightly, according to different styles, to 2888 yuan. Apple Watch Nike+: performance is the same as the Series 2, but with the Nike joint, so there are different appearance, but also for the optimization of App running. Apple Watch HERMÈ S: work with Hermes:相关的主题文章: