Attaching importance to the undergraduate education is the symbol of the maturity of the first class dataload

Emphasis on undergraduate education is the first-class university education — a sign of maturity — original title: the importance of undergraduate education is the first-class university soon mature before the lecture at the Duquesne University Professor Barron in a domestic university, his report has such a prologue: "please look at my first page of PPT, which is a famous American ten universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the university has one of the most important and common advantages, please guess what is it?" Under the teachers to answer all sorts of gossip. "Is the world’s most famous university, Professor shook his head;" scientific research level are relatively high, the professor shook his head; "very internationalization", "history professor to head; a long", or "Professor shook his head; with the best students," professor some sigh; "are private." the professor or not spit; "very rich", Professor seemed desperate…… Finally, by Professor Barron had to answer for myself. He said: "these schools are the most common thing is to have the best undergraduate education, attaches great importance to teaching. A university’s attitude towards teaching and undergraduate education marks its maturity." Barron said the professor beyond the imagination of most of the audience. Wu Daguang, vice president of Xiamen University has deep feelings. He believes that the importance of undergraduate education is a sign of the maturity of first-class universities, the leading role in the reconstruction of undergraduate education. In recent years, one of the most popular topics in the field of higher education in our country is probably the top universities and the University rankings. In October 2015, the State Council issued a "promote the overall development of the world first-class university and the first-class discipline construction overall plan" document, first-class discipline and entered the University People’s horizons, and its importance seems to be beyond the concept of first-class universities. It is no doubt that it is an improvement from the attention of the first-class university to the first class. "But because of the uniqueness of the University in the social organization system, it is not enough to emphasize the first class university or the first class discipline. Or just reading from the perspective of first-class discipline and the construction of first-class university, only shows that the first-class university construction "on the road", still retains the obvious traces of "get rich quick"." Wu Daguang said. Wu Daguang stressed that because of the mission of the University, only one task can not be replaced by other social organizations: that is, undergraduate education. Therefore, in the "double class" in the construction of the line, if the lack of first-class undergraduate education, it is difficult to say is a first-class university, it is difficult to say is a mature first-class university. This is the consensus of world-class universities. From the perspective of the world, a university is called a first-class university, in addition to scientific research has made great achievements, let the world remember that the university is more outstanding alumni of the school. The Stanford University report said: the school teachers and students and alumni founded more than 2 thousand and 400 companies, consisting of a group of Stanford University students, including CISCO, Google, HP and other large enterprises, in 2008 total revenue amounted to 225 billion dollars in the "Silicon Valley" in the 150. It is precisely because of this, the world’s top universities to recruit from the global相关的主题文章: