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Baidu to Futian, launched the first driverless truck – Sohu of science and technology in November 14th, Foton Motor Group and Baidu Inc jointly released the country’s first driverless trucks, said to par Europe unmanned technology giant trucks. Driverless truck technology images from the release of the NetEase based on the application of high precision Baidu map Level 3 automatic driving technology, and Futian development of unmanned technology and commercial vehicle data. In addition to trucks, the two will continue to cooperate in the development of unmanned buses and sanitation vehicles. In addition to unmanned commercial vehicles, the core of Baidu and Fukuda cooperation as well as car networking. Futian assist Baidu development include two versions of Carlife and car commercial vehicle navigation, testing and high precision map, using the Baidu high precision map and voice technology for navigation, query condition, phone calls and other intelligent traffic service to users; the picture from the IT family since 2016, Futian made a lot of work in the super truck on. It is reported that as early as June of this year, has established "China Futian leading Internet super truck global innovation alliance, which comprises the United States, Germany, Cummings, electronics, and ZF, the strategic partner of Baidu super truck. In November 4th, China’s first super truck Global Innovation Center was formally established in Beijing. Foton has the ability to become a leader in China’s smart commercial vehicles. Fukuda automobile group vice president Chen Qingshan said. At the same time, Baidu also joined forces with Foton, in order to enhance the ability to collect data, improve the commercial vehicle big data, cooperative development of commercial vehicles for MyCar, Co-Driver and Car-Guard. This is also in line with Baidu driverless car three years of commercial, civil five years plan. Unmanned commercial vehicles has been the industry’s attention, according to the analysis, in long-distance driving, the computer is often more reliable than the human brain, because the computer does not exist fatigue driving situation. Automatic driving truck Otto developed by the United States Department of transportation Verge source The data show that American truck mileage accounted for 5.6% of the number of all vehicle mileage, but the accident rate is as high as 9.5%. About 4 million people are killed each year, causing about 4000 deaths, and almost every accident is caused by human factors. In the United States, automatic driving truck Uber acquisition of Truck Company Otto research and development of automatic driving, automatic driving Level 4 autonomy, and has been officially launched on October 20th this year, completed the world’s first automatic truck delivery task, completed 120 miles of driving and without human intervention. The picture from the Gansu hotline # welcome attention to love fan children WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), we found that相关的主题文章: