Beautiful misunderstanding! Julian Cheung jokes that he is four months pregnant w-inds.

Beautiful misunderstanding! Julian Cheung jokes that he is four months pregnant in Beijing on November 5th news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao Daily News, a Swiss watch brand in Macao yesterday, Wynn queen third stores opened, held a grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting ceremony for the occasion, the shop, the Asia Pacific brand ambassador Julian Cheung and his wife actress Anita Yuen and actor Ray Lui award attend. Recently, Anita Yuen more than two months pregnant, Julian Cheung jokes that his happiness, because they have 4 months to 2 months, mrs.! Then he clarified just a beautiful misunderstanding, but for everyone’s blessing will be a full collection! Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen married for many years, still loving, is wearing a black loose dress Anita Yuen two months pregnant yesterday, Julian Cheung said in an interview: "it looks better on you, just one of her (referring to Anita Yuen), I a. She was 2 months, my is 4 months. I shrunk my stomach to choke." Julian Cheung thought it was because Anita Yuen was a little fat. When asked two people whether she’s pregnant, Julian Cheung said earnestly: "say yes! Too good things are not very true, good wishes all received first." Anita Yuen said he recently lost weight, it is really hard work, and she only eat seafood with vegetarian, no meat. In contrast Julian Cheung made a lot of. Claiming to have wanted to have a child, Anita Yuen said: "after a good time, I was 45 years old! Now medical science, but to see the fate. The worst of their own work will pick up, but also can not implement this thing. A child is not a one-sided, the son of the children are ten years old, will soon want to give birth to his son, he often talk about the future of their own family is how. I have a good function, but after a good time to reproduce the child." The next Julian Cheung asked whether pregnant wife do not know it? Anita Yuen continued: "how could I not have given birth to a child?. The girl said, if I had a baby she was afraid, because I eat crabs, I would accept the blessing." (Miao Fei) (commissioning editor: Shimlay)相关的主题文章: