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Beikong medical out "10 times" the rising potential Sina HK columnist Hosanna WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) Beikong medical health pension industry to build a home and community based pension institutions as a supplement, the wisdom of the city endowment for the solution of the full pension industry chain. With the rapid growth of China’s elderly population, the country’s policy towards pension services has become increasingly evident. According to estimates, from 2014 to 2050, China elderly population consumption potential from 4 trillion yuan (about RMB; the same below) increased to 106 trillion yuan, the proportion of GDP will increase from about 6.5% to about 33%, then China will become the world’s aging industry market potential is the biggest countries. L think he, pension services market potential, coupled with policy support, pension services stocks are ushered in the opportunity while institutional investors will share relevant emergency opening, is expected to rise a, Beikong health industry group (02389.HK) to build with medical care, pension, health center for industrial park, fully the advantages of the project location and support the current government policy, vigorously promote new industries, medical support combined, is expected to be in Hong Kong a set of old-age concept in a "market", is now in the initial stage, is absorbed into. The reference China pension policy development long-term lag, urged industry to catch up, feed Beikong health twenty years will usher in the golden period of development, with the "ten times the shares’ Avatar, worthy of attention. China’s aging accelerate the birth of the huge demand for the pension industry, China’s aging market has great room for development. According to China’s aging industry development report and other statistics, in 2014 the pension industry market capacity is expected to more than 4 trillion yuan, accounting for only of the proportion of only GDP. Compared to the U.S. pension service consumption accounted for 22.3% of the proportion of GDP, the proportion of pension industry in Europe accounted for about GDP of the proportion of, China’s pension investment is significantly less. By the end of 2014, over 60 years old Chinese aging population has reached 212 million, accounting for 15.5% of the total population, is expected in the middle of this century the number of elderly population will reach the peak, more than 480 million, accounted for the elderly population was approximately 2 billion 20 million people worldwide in 1/4, Chinese will become the most elderly population country in the world. Now, Chinese elderly population consumption potential accounted for about 6.5% GDP, much less the proportion of less than the United States and europe. Before the old China’s first blue book released by the Chinese livable environment, from 2010 to the next 20 years will be a period of accelerated development of Chinese pension facilities. Industry insiders said, 2010 to 2030 is the twenty year gold high-speed development of the pension industry, health care has been Beikong transformation and the positive development of pension related industries since 2014, food is a golden opportunity for market development, material business will become explosive growth, the concept of high fund shares love, now is the best time to take advantage of low involvement should be the potential return on investment should be a big surprise. At present, the world’s main pension model is divided into three kinds, that is, home care, community care and institutional support相关的主题文章: