Biography of the author of Julie’s ambition to marry the British royal family when the Royal

Biographer Julie exposed the political ambitions of the British royal family to marry the princess when large [Abstract] in this paper mentioned a friend revealed that Julie’s ambition is to marry into the royal family, and single Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew) is one of her goals. Julie was a British Royal Tencent want to marry into the entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Hollywood star Brad Pitt and his wife Julie on Tuesday found Julie unilaterally to divorce, family health reasons apply to the court for divorce, child custody would be six. Although Peter was accused of drunkenness and child abuse, but the real reason is still speculation outside marriage. In "Brangelina, Ian Halperin the Untold Story" biographer JoliePitt predicted divorce in the British "Daily Mail" author, wrote about Bi’An reason to call a divorce, the plot seems novel, believe on your own judgment. Biographer Ian wrote that the 41 year old Julie wanted to bring their children moved to live in England to pursue her charitable and political career, more open marriage to Peter, Peter called in to continue filming in Losangeles, but Peter refused to make Julie very angry. Biographer Ian also wrote that Julie would like to take a seat in the house of Lords, ready to give up U.S. citizenship, but also to the late (Princess Diana) charitable achievement goals. The article mentions a friend revealed that Julie’s ambition is to marry into the British royal family, and single Andrew (Prince Prince) is one of her goals. Smith couple marriage ended Pitt Julie divorce相关的主题文章: