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Games WoW Archivist explores the secrets of World of Warcraft’s past. What did the game look like years ago? Who is etched into WoW’s history? What secrets does the game still hold?For several years it’s been all the rage to claim that Blizzard loves the Horde and hates the Alliance. Players trot out the "green Jesus" theory. They show how the past two expansions have focused far more on Horde characters and storylines than on Alliance intrigues. It’s true that Blizzard placed Thrall and now Garrosh and Vol’jin in the spotlight over the past few years. Players also look at the shiny new Orgrimmar that the Horde got when the old one burned down, and how Stormwind also took a beating and still hasn’t recovered. You can make the case that Blizzard has somewhat favored the Horde in WoW’s recent history. But this is so very, very strange to vanilla players like me. Back then, players were convinced of the exact opposite. Players were so convinced, in fact, that some actually wanted a CM to die. In vanilla, Blizzard "loved" the Alliance and "hated" the Horde. This quote is from a 2005 editorial called "Why the Horde is worse, and how Blizzard could fix it": In the end, I am just a jealous Horde player… It is up to Blizzard to fix this game; I have done all that I can. Either World of Warcraft can be remembered as a great MMORPG, or it can go down as a horribly imbalanced one, like many before it. That’s for Blizzard to decide. Let’s take a trip back to 2005. On a bus, perhaps. A bus made out of elemental electrical energy. In a 2005 article, BBC News wrote about why people loved World of Warcraft so much. One of the few negatives in the article lamented the relative lack of content for the Horde: World of Warcraft is staged as a game of epic conflict between the two factions of Horde and Alliance, and we chose to play Horde. Though obviously biased, the most annoying part of the game for most of us is the level of development of the "other side." In classic WoW, Alliance had more zones to choose from while leveling, and more quests in those zones. The lack of quests for Horde characters in the 25+ range had many players turning to mob grinding or running dungeons in order to keep leveling. Prior to 25, it was rough trying to level a Horde character without visiting the Barrens. In Gamespy’s 2004 list of "Top 15 Things Every World of Warcraft Player Should Know," their number one tip for Horde players was, "You will end up in the Barrens – accept it." Of course, the Barrens is infamous now for its chat channel in the early days of WoW, but the Barrens was also hated by many players for both its layout, lack of amenities, and design. It was an enormous zone with very few flight points and graveyards. Despite this, quests sent you to all of the Barrens’ most remote corners. Since you couldn’t buy a normal mount until level 40, the Barrens meant a marathon session after marathon session of running around. The zone also had very little visual appeal. It was a brown wasteland with few landmarks. Why was this the case? Well, Blizzard developed Alliance content earlier. Alliance zones, quests, and cities generally received more polish and attention through the development cycle. Blizzard likely hoped to make the factions equal in this regard, but time ran out on them. Players, of course, realized the imbalance during beta. Beta also included some obvious drawbacks to playing Horde that have since been removed. For example, spells that targeted undead NPCs specifically, such as Track Undead or Exorcism (the original version), also worked on Forsaken characters. Rumors began to circulate that the Horde side of the game was "unfinished" and people should play Alliance characters at launch. IGN’s WoW Vault ran a "Topic of the Week" about population balance two months before the game went live. The top .menter wrote, I think people who are saying that the #s will balance out are wishing on a pipe dream and unfortunately it’s Blizzards fault. If they continue to develop both sides at the same pace, the Horde will always be behind in content and polish, and be ahead in bugs. Thats not exactly the way that is best for the game. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: