Britain is considering building a high-speed rail in London with two companies 660003

Considering the construction of super high iron in British London super high-speed rail concept design of Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 8th news are in consultation with the two companies, according to the "Daily Mail" reported that Britain is likely to construction of super high iron. The British government is very interested in the concept of super high-speed rail, it considers the use of super high-speed rail to connect the northern city of England, to shorten the time of the city to london. There are two companies involved in the competition, the two companies have already negotiated with the British government and the private sector, trying to bring the super high-speed rail to the United kingdom. Super high-speed rail with a magnetic capsule in the pipeline to transport passengers and cargo, close to the speed of sound. At present, the super high-speed rail is still in the conceptual stage, the early test focused on propulsion technology, the final speed may reach 760 miles (1220 km). The map is reported to have focused on one question: how much of the benefits of a high-speed rail link between Manchester and London? Once the super high-speed rail can be completed to solve the existing traffic problems, and truly create a "northern economic engine" (Northern Powerhouse)". Alan ·, director of Losangeles Hyperloop One company; James (Alan James) said that Britain intends to use high-speed rail network (High Speed 2) will be connected with the northern city of Bermingham, London, so its better with more super iron. From London to Manchester, about 163 miles away, the super high-speed rail can greatly shorten the time to travel from the city of two, as long as the completion of the 18 minutes. James said: the super high-speed rail can be connected to all the major cities in the north, not just London, as well as Liverpool, Manchester, Liz, in fact, can be connected to each city." Another company involved in the competition is HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies), it is trying to fight Innovate UK investment, the scale of about $67 million, Innovate UK is the British government’s investment sector. Innovate UK spokesman confirmed that indeed has been around the super high iron negotiations, the spokesman also said: "everything is still in the early stage, super high iron is an exciting technology, we are interested in, will continue to follow up." Although negotiations seem promising, but to become a reality for many years. Such a huge project needs the support of the state and the local government, but also need the support of the Treasury, and then can really start. Britain is not only interested in super high speed rail. In July this year, Hyperloop One released a report to discuss the possibility of building high-speed rail between Sweden and Finland. The distance from Stockholm to Helsinki is about 310 miles (500 km), and it takes only about 28 minutes to get on the super high speed rail. Slovakia is also trying to use the super high speed will be the capital Bratislava and Vienna, Budapest connected. (compile tiger Tao)相关的主题文章: