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Internet health care, where the money (economic hot) – Finance – People’s network-3344111

Internet health care, where the money (economic hot spots) – Finance – People’s online consultation can be paid online, patients can also be a doctor. People’s vision of Internet technology has spawned many new formats, the traditional medical industry have begun to net". The Internet "drops of hospitals, doctors, online inquiry and other new formats such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, APP, mobile phone WeChat, Alipay also have medical figure. In the "Internet plus" outlet, ancient medicine for thousands of years are also undergoing profound changes. What exactly has the Internet changed? Where is its value and tomorrow? "Air" to "Internet plus" registration, counseling, health management, hospital network and other new formats continue to emerge in Hangzhou, Mr. Qian Beijing Ms. Chen is the "surge" of the experience of medical internet. In February this year, Mr. Qian at the clinic in a hospital network Internet Hospital Department of Cardiology appointment. Last October, Ms. Chen to visit the hospital because of fracture hypertension, so the doctor drops ", the appointment of the United Family Health Care doctors door-to-door service. No queue 3 hours, 5 minutes to see a doctor without trouble, can not find the expert outpatient service, network problems, "the doctor drops" Internet medical new formats appear, people are breaking the traditional impression of medical. In addition to the above two kinds of new formats, "Internet plus" "plus" on the online consultation, appointment registration, waiting reminder, charge, diagnosis report query and so on, the drug also "plus" on the distribution, reminder service, chronic disease management and medical service Internet new form of wearable, portable etc. mobile health and AIDS combined, to accompany the elderly to go to the hospital nurse escort service, customized according to customer requirements of the private doctor service etc.. In the "Internet plus" tide, rain doctors, good doctors, good health, safe doctor Ali APP, is becoming more and more popular. Reporters analyzed, dazzling internet medical platform from the nature of division, probably can be divided into three types: one is the pure medical platform, carry out medical peripheral services; two is the intermediary platform itself is not engaged in medical treatment; three is a network of hospitals, namely entity hospital to build their own Internet hospital. These formats based on the Internet, cloud computing, big data technology, improve people’s medical experience, shorten the waiting time, and also remote inquiry optimizes the allocation of medical resources, improve efficiency, expand the beneficiaries. The integration and innovation of Internet plus medical ", indeed for people’s life has brought great convenience. Chinese deputy researcher of population and labor economics academy of Social Sciences Chen Qiulin believes that the Internet Medical brought many advantages: the first is to enrich the medical information; the second is convenient, especially for some specific populations and specific diseases is more so; another is cost saving, through the Internet information interoperability, to control unnecessary costs. Medical treatment is difficult and expensive, the medical industry pain points, one Internet intervention will show explosive growth. In May this year, Ping An Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ping An Health announced $500 million financing to become an Internet Medical相关的主题文章:

Smart watch market growth slowed down to 33.5% of Apple’s share continues to

Apple smart watch market growth with 33.5% share continues to lead the Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, market research firm Kantar data show that although the smart watch market growth began to decline, but Apple still maintained their leading position in the field. It is worth noting that the data from the sales in July of this year, while many users have begun to wait and see soon after the listing of Apple Watch 2. Data show that, Apple Watch won 33.5% of the smart watch market share, compared with a slight decrease in the second quarter. In Europe’s four largest market, Apple Watch share of $31.8%. Apple Watch 2, although it did not change in appearance, but equipped with GPS, waterproof and other features of its attractive growth, so Kantar believes that this generation of Apple watches will become the target of many users. In addition, because Apple uses the two generation Apple Watch sales strategy, and therefore lower prices will attract a large number of users to see early adopters. Finally, Kantar believes that traditional watch brand pressure will gradually increase, because the Apple Watch in the price and they have a lot of coincidence, but it does not conflict with the ordinary watch, will become the user second tables is preferred. Data show that 5-7 months of this year, 20% of the smart watch buyers are from the traditional brand there defected to, and this number is higher in Europe, reaching 30%. Although the smart watch is still unable to shake the table altar veteran status, but for they have started to change, Fossil, Mondaine and other traditional TAG Heuer brands have launched their own smart watch. (compile sharp) Tencent known institutions account opening technology! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章:

Network power to implement the strategy of network power to accelerate economic innovation driven – -g227

[] the implementation of network power network power strategy to accelerate innovation driven economy – Sohu technology core tip: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that China’s economic development has entered a new norm, the new normal to have a new power, the Internet can accomplish a great deal in this regard. In order to promote the real economy and the Internet depth of integration and development, flow driven technology flow, capital flow, personnel flow, material flow with information, promote and optimize the allocation of resources, promote the improvement of total factor productivity, innovation and development, to promote the transformation of economic development mode, adjust the economic structure to play an active role. The implementation of network strategy for the implementation of the overall layout of "five in one", "the four overall strategic layout and development of the concept of the five, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, has important and far-reaching significance. In October 9, 2016, when the thirty-sixth Politburo collective learning, Xi Jinping further stressed the implementation of the strategy of network power. In July 2016, the world economic forum released the "2016 global information technology report" in Geneva, report to the network readiness index as the basis, information and communication technology development status in 139 countries conducted a comprehensive assessment and ranked Chinese, ranked fifty-ninth in the world, the middle level, and China as the disproportionate global second big economy. Therefore, the implementation of network strategy, should improve the Internet business and innovation environment as soon as possible, to strengthen the network infrastructure, the development of the digital content industry, improve personal Internet application level, enhance network economy influence, and together with the world of excellence. First, improve the innovation environment of Internet business and government agencies belong to the Internet management function in our country is different, the lack of coordination between the relevant departments, has yet to form a joint force to promote the development of the internet. Some Internet companies reflect more than her mother, but no home". Internet companies and business development involves the establishment of a number of administrative examination and approval departments, the approval time is longer, the process is complex, demanding, do not adapt to the new technology of the Internet industry, the characteristics of rapid change. The Internet industry is a very active innovation industry, new things emerge in an endless stream, and China’s relevant laws and regulations in terms of slightly lagging behind. Some laws and regulations have not adapted to the requirements of the economic and social development of the Internet era, hindering the development of China’s Internet industry. For example, in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the party’s proposed "the development of sharing economy", and our existing laws and regulations is according to the "exclusive economic" model formulation, to be revised. Government departments open to the public data resources, can promote the development of large data industry, and China has not yet introduced the public data resources open laws and regulations. China’s Internet industry is also a phenomenon of market monopoly and unfair competition, the Internet market order to be standardized. For example, some large Internet companies with capital, technology, industry voice and other advantages, for small and medium-sized Internet companies have a unique business model and business, by paying people to dig, rapid imitation and other means, so afraid of innovation, many small and medium-sized enterprises to create new internet. Some Internet companies through the control of resources or the use of technical means to limit competitors, malicious slander competitors. Provided by Internet companies相关的主题文章:

RMB into the basket what are the benefits Offshore RMB more comfortable – Yunnan Channel – People’s

The RMB "into the basket" what are the benefits of overseas RMB: spend more comfortable – Yunnan channel — original title: RMB "into the basket" what are the benefits of overseas RMB: spend more comfortable drawing: Zhang Fangman spent overseas RMB more comfortable "want to buy buy, the flower is not realistic, but the use of resistance may be reduced, the foreign exchange conditions become loose" I hope after the accession to the SDR, I can use the RMB to buy buy buy at abroad." Zhang Yue of Beijing Language and Culture University says. She went to Russia a few years ago to travel, favorite paintings and many other items can not be purchased with the renminbi, looking for a place to change the RMB is also very difficult. "If in the future to use the RMB in the foreign point of convenience." Since October 1st, the RMB was officially incorporated into SDR (SDR) currency basket, the RMB has thus become one of the international monetary fund official reserve currency, which means that the international RMB will have higher expectations and more stringent requirements. Many domestic residents look forward to the yuan into the basket, the yuan spent abroad can be more comfortable. In fact, want to use the yuan in overseas "go, want to buy", now is not the reality, although the overseas credit card payment has become more and more convenient, but the use of RMB in cash can not do the flowers. Experts believe that the renminbi "basket", on the whole, the market expectations of RMB will increase, it will be a more stable and more widely accepted currency, people will have more confidence to hold RMB assets, and then reduce the wallets of pressure ", but let the outside vendors are willing to accept RMB cash payment immediately, unrealistic. Assistant president of the University of foreign trade Ding Zhijie believes that the RMB into the basket is conducive to improving its recognition and payment rate in the international market, the market will enhance the confidence of the renminbi. To a certain extent, it will reduce the resistance to the use of the RMB, foreign enterprises and individuals will also increase the degree of acceptance of the rmb. For ordinary people, the future of consumption abroad, travel, study abroad, the exchange of foreign currency conditions may become loose, more convenient procedures. For example, many countries do not support direct RMB exchange, must first be RMB into dollars, then converted into local currency; the future is expected to get RMB exchange directly in local currency, save the dollar link, to avoid the loss caused by repeated purchase. RMB into the basket for overseas investment demand is also a big positive. If the use of foreign investment and financing in the outside world, to better control the exchange rate risk. Moreover, the liquidity of RMB will be enhanced, and the transaction cost and financial cost will be reduced." Beijing, a cultural media company staff Liu said, I hope we invest in the United States, Europe’s stock, bond market, but also as convenient as domestic investment." In the past, Chinese citizens want to have assets overseas, we must use the dollar, domestic assets are also lack of international, but after the international portfolio choice and access to overseas investment opportunities will be more. With the international acceptance of the RMB in the international community, the international portfolio of Chinese citizens will become larger space." Ding Zhijie said. Bring new to the enterprise相关的主题文章:

Big a talk about female horse female tourists more persistent market

Big A talk about female horse: female runners more persistent market potential huge A talk about women’s marathon: female runners more persistent, huge market potential. The women’s marathon at 8:30 this morning in Beijing Garden Expo gorgeous run. Love runners are not bad luck, this morning the weather, Beijing swept away the haze, the runners have ushered in the most beautiful Beijing blue. The Beijing women’s half marathon, half marathon, respectively Mini Marathon (all female players) two games. The race is committed to providing a first-class event for the National Women’s service, to create the most exclusive women’s experience of the game, to become a benchmark domestic women’s running brand. Sina senior vice president Mr. Wei Jiang Lei at the scene, it is also a fancier running, known as A, has more than ten years of running age, ran over 20 horses, half horse more than 100. For women’s marathon, he has a unique view. Female runners more persistent can drive more female runners running population accounted for less than 30% in the running, but in A’s view, whether it is healthy or commercial point of view, has a very far-reaching significance for women to run. In his view, compared to male runners, female runners have more excellent quality. For example, they work more persistent, as long as the run will not easily give up; female runners are not aggressive, they love step by step, started a little bit; female runners are taken into account more strongly for their own image, including sports demand stronger, and stronger desire for consumption, compared with male, female runners are more rich gold. From the point of view of business development, women run is indeed a good business model. The more persistent and more persistent character, if you can call on female runners running, they put more energy, time, money than men, while they are more likely than men to drive the family to participate in the sport. Run a female horse should grasp the most important women’s desire to run a good woman run, need to consider very much." From the marathon race purposes, is to promote the marathon, while women run, is better to promote women’s running. Compared with men, women have different demands on running. Female runners will have a lot of physical psychological demands, such as sunscreen whitening, moisturizing, repair and maintain the body after training, postpartum recovery and the aesthetic movement and so on, events should provide support in these areas. Upgrade one level, the organizers can even grasp the initiative, dig out their inner needs, the use of female run play educational function, let them find the demands, know their different physical structure, health status, physical exercise in the know how, how to shape and so on. Events can provide more guidance, education and more support in these areas. A: half horse is more suitable for female runners believe many runners will find such a law, but held the women’s marathon, half marathon or basic level is subject to run, in this regard, A expressed his personal views. He believes that, compared to the whole horse, half horse is more suitable for female runners. Female runners and male runners have very different physical conditions, both from the physical structure and from the body相关的主题文章: