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Belgium National Team list of Zal brothers will be selected to play in the Premier League 15-chompoo araya

The Belgian national team list: a Zal brothers played in the premier 15 will be selected list of Belgian sina sports news Beijing on August 26th news, Belgium announced the latest issue of the national team list, a Zal brothers to join selected. Belgium will have a warm-up match against Spain in September 1st and a World Cup qualifier against Cyprus in September 6th. A few days ago in the Europa League qualifying match, Eden o Zal’s brother targyn – a Zal in Bern boy 6-1 beat Borussia race hat trick, he was also included in this list, missed the European Cup Kompani still did not return. The Belgian squad: goalkeeper Courtois: (Chelsea), Mineo Eli (Liverpool), Sayles (Newcastle) defender: Alderweireld (Tottenham), Kaba Seiler (Waterford), Ron Baltz (Zenit and Jordan Lukaku) (Lazio), Mounier (Paris Saint Germain), Vermaelen (Rome), Will Ton Henry (Tottenham): midfielder de Blau Hei (Manchester City), Dufour (Burnley), dengbeilai (Tottenham), Fellaini (Manchester United), England (Rome), Witt Sal (Zenit) forward: Ba Shu Yayi (Chelsea) (Crystal Palace), the Turk, Callas (Ma Jing), a Zal Eden (Chelsea), Zal (targyn – O Lindenhof), Lukaku (Everton), Mertens (Naples Mirallas (Everton), (Liverpool) ()相关的主题文章:

Teach you how to make Lily cream – Sohu

Teach you how to make Lily cream? Sohu – health into the winter, people began a variety of tonic tonic. From the traditional Chinese medicine theory, is a collection of the winter season, then tonic, the human body can absorb nourishment essence, stored in the body, contribute to the enhancement of fitness, so the folk "winter tonic, the next tiger". In addition to the usual familiar stew soup, drink tonic, can also choose to eat paste, paste can not only fill the body, more ", which spilled more than the complement", adjust the body and reach a flat state. As a traditional Chinese medicine prescription, Chinese medicine prescription has been paid more and more attention in the field of clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, prevention and cure of traditional Chinese medicine, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, and health care of traditional Chinese medicine. The utility model is especially suitable for people who are easy to catch cold and easy to be infected with the decline of immune function. Therefore, in order to introduce you to a chronic cough "killer" – Lily cream. The production method is: Lily cream paste composition: 100g, 300g, Chuanbei Lily rehmannia, radix rehmanniae, Ophiopogon japonicus 100g 100g 30g, 30g, 30g of angelica, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Scrophulariae, licorice 30g 30g grandiflorum 50g. (for more than a month of oral dose, according to the appropriate proportion of medicinal materials can be increased according to their own needs to take the time) effect: with Yin lungs, cough and phlegm effect. For the crowd: Qi Yin deficiency caused by chronic pharyngitis, dry mouth and throat, dry cough, dry throat pain, hand and foot fever, night sweats, active smoking or secondhand smoke and air pollution in the long-term population. Production methods: 1, soaking: the above herbs soaked with water for 12 hours, so that the full absorption of moisture. 2: the soaked and decocting herbs into a pot, first Wuhuo boil, and then simmer (to fry for about 120 minutes. 3, filter residue: with a fine gauze filter can be made into a good liquid. 4, the concentrated solution filtration well, then put the fire on the re concentrated decoction, concentrated to about 500ml. 5, paste: continue to use slow fire, and then slowly batch adding sugar or honey, etc. the liquid gradually becomes sticky, large bubbles in the liquid (2-3cm) emerge, not only can the cease-fire. To be a little cooler, pour into the prepared box, you can.   相关的主题文章:

Jeju Island — seize the summer romance, small tail free – Sohu recommended

Jeju Island — seize the summer romance, free recommendation: Small Tail – Sohu tourism order in my mind love touches on the film I just want to tell you where the love at first sight! Jeju Island, just like the confession in Korean Drama: fresh sweet, quiet and soft! Random walk in a corner shop, meet you is a sweet smile, warm "Arni, and plug Yo" romantic environment, then, I will put a road guide, carefully told everyone to listen to! About the author of Xi’an woman, Gemini (mostly neuropathy) she loves all the beautiful things, she just wanted to tell you where the love to the earth of the lost weibo:@ small seven WeChat liqun_525 on photographic equipment: Nikon D800 (host friends friendship sponsorship) I was Sony A99, the camera broke heavy, cannot be restored AF yourself, send out to repair. The camera can borrow my little partner is absolutely true love, thank you baby! Lens: Sigma16-28mm; 50mm (these are all Nikon’s!!! The bag is too heavy, flash, shutter line, three tripod, what a filter with no mobile phone): Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge + Zambrotta praise, you can find out what is the mobile phone to shoot? Ha ha ha, travel at least 14 pictures taken by the phone! On the stroke of drama always give too much woman who is romantic, I cannot resist all beautiful things, so the main purpose of this is to feel the Korean romantic atmosphere, of course, for chowhound, must go to explore the tongue of Jeju Island 1, to the legendary cattle Island 2, USHIJIMA taste every day up to eat — Miss fish and noodles Jun 3, sitting on the beach drinking beer and eating fried chicken, and South Korea Obama play Chinese game 4, go to the coffee shop right Zhilong occasional star, to drink mango juice 5, buy buy buy spring cafe, who let the makeup so Asian skin! Jeju Island is not large, so the itinerary of 5 days, only to experience niche in Jeju, visit Jeju delicacy! DAY1: tea talk, blue Lijing Hotel DAY2: carrot shop, Jeju City Commercial Street, Jinling beach, San Yuan at the beginning of stone ranch, longevity Island Restaurant, hotel Sunshine Park love DAY3: clear hole, ark mountainpharmaceutical DIPE the soup church, temple, cattle Island, Monroe Marilyn coffee, sashimi and noodles, cattle miss you island DAY4: cow Island, cattle face onion cake island lighthouse park Jeju, Xinluo duty-free shops, restaurant, Ting Ting month month in hostel DAY5: pear lake beach pony lighthouse, right Zhilong coffee shop, coffee shop, spring return preparations [] visa Jeju Island visa visa visa, repeat [three] 1 = 167 yuan currency (RMB devaluation won a lot of it, remember last year 1:183), the people in china!相关的主题文章:

The cabinet table selection reading strategy-kaya scodelario

The cabinet table select reading Raiders?? ambry is very important in the family decoration, especially for the whole kitchen cabinets, but the priority among priorities, called "big heart". So how to choose a suitable cabinet is very important, select the table should also be careful. So how to choose the material of indoor ambry mesa? ? 1 cabinet table – marble? Cabinets countertops are often exposed to food, and so on the mesa of the table of durability and anti-bacterial requirements are very high. The marble material is not only the color of the table, and texture gives a kind of atmosphere, noble feeling. But marble is a porous structure of the material, a long time it is easy to breed bacteria, so be sure to clean up regularly to ensure clean health. ?? 2 – stainless steel countertops?? the stainless steel table cabinet table is one of the most common nowadays, it has the advantage of not fade, no radiation, high temperature resistance, stain resistance and other characteristics, two times the value of recycling is very high. However, stainless steel countertops, there are some deficiencies, such as poor resistance to scratch, scratch once it is difficult to recover, and the antioxidant in general, but also to do regular maintenance. ?? 3 cabinet table – quartz stone quartz stone countertops?? appearance view not only fashionable and beautiful, and natural texture clear, the texture is very hard, so it has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics, and daily maintenance cleaning is very convenient, is the modern family the decoration of the welcome. ?? 4 – tempered glass cabinet table?? toughened glass material surface is not uncommon in daily life, this kind of material is highly reflective, suitable for small kitchen renovation, to expand the visual space, it is in the daily maintenance cleaning is very convenient, but the local poor high temperature resistance, easy to broken, need to pay attention to. ?? 5: artificial stone countertops?? this kind of artificial stone material color and texture are very rich, the difference between it and the marble is that there is no radiation, easy to clean, and can be achieved without splicing, is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. About the material of ambry mesa, marble, stainless steel, quartz stone, artificial stone and toughened glass are introduced here, hope to be able to bring help to the kitchen of everybody. Of course, there are other materials cabinets countertops, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, we should combine the actual needs of their own, more than three, the preferred choice.相关的主题文章:

Taizhou two thieves burglary in the home owner is not anti theft jingfangxingju-coinwatch

Taizhou two thieves burglary in the home owner is not anti theft jingfangxingju villagers into room theft, not long after the home owner, panicked, two thieves hid in the neighbor’s balcony. After the discovery, two people jumped off the balcony, did not escape how far the road was caught by the villagers. In September 18th, Guizhou suspects Cen Cen A and B by Taizhou Huangyan District Public Security Bureau of criminal detention on suspicion of theft. CEN Cen A and B is Guizhou, rental in Wenling. Two people are fellow, often go out together, because there is no fixed work, often shy. In September 18th two at noon, after lunch, talk to no acquaintances steal something for cash. In the afternoon, a and B Cen Cen take a taxi to the hospital from the Wenling bridge, get off at the hospital near the bridge terminal, then around looking for places to steal. When the sky was dark, the two went to a village and found a villager’s house lights are not lit, the judge should be no one. Then, they use the prepared screwdriver to pry open the door, and then entered the room for, from the first floor to the third floor, "turn" did not find valuable things. At this time, the master home, found the door ajar in the home, the room there are signs of turning, the consciousness of the home into a thief, called the villagers together to catch the thief. Two people see the situation is not good, open the third floor of the North window, climbed into the next door neighbor. The neighbor’s window and door closed, two people had to hide in the balcony, but still sharp eyed villagers found two people panic from the balcony jumped to escape, did not flee far road, by local villagers caught and alarm. Subsequently, the police rushed to the scene of the A and B Cen Cen to the police station, after ascertaining the facts, on suspicion of theft of a Cen Cen and Yiyu to criminal detention.相关的主题文章: