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International market forced domestic natural gas price reform pipeline company pressure combined spi-1256789

The international market forced domestic price of natural gas market reform pressure pipeline company merge split (Figure) – Sohu securities reporter Heqing reported in Shanghai with international LNG continuous supply of surplus, more and more investors believe that LNG prices have been controlled by the buyer’s market. Executive vice president of Hiroki Sato August 23rd energy company Jera Co said: "by 2020 there will be 40 million to 50 million tons of LNG" ", they may be homeless; will be transported to any place, also could not find any fixed buyers. Homeless LNG offers a great opportunity to improve liquidity in Asia and the global market." Www provides data show that the first half of 2016, Chinese LNG market for the supply of 5 million 570 thousand tons, an increase of 14%, while in 2015 the annual growth rate of 38%. Among them, the domestic LNG supply capacity of 3 million 480 thousand tons, an increase of 9%, LNG receiving station tanker shipments of 2 million 90 thousand tons, an increase of 24%. Data show that the first half of the LNG market demand growth fell significantly. According to estimates, in the first half of 2016, LNG market consumption is lower than the second half of 2015, is expected in full year LNG market consumption growth in the vicinity of 15% in the year of 2016. The first half of 2016, China’s LNG market price of 3096 yuan per ton, compared with the first half of 2015 the average price fell by $1103 tons. LNG market is expected to continue to run low in the second half, the annual average price of less than 3000 yuan. In such a context, the national development and Reform Commission issued a "natural gas pipeline transportation price management approach (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures" ") and" natural gas pipeline transportation pricing cost supervision and examination methods (for Trial Implementation) "(hereinafter referred to as" the office "law" draft for public comment). Deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the oil Wang Zhen that, since 2014, the state has promulgated the "oil and gas pipeline network facilities open and fair regulatory measures (Trial)", "natural gas infrastructure construction and operation management measures" and a number of programmatic documents and gradually implemented in the pipeline, LNG receiving station operation and management began to accept supervision. But there is still a greater distance from the fully market-oriented operation. Is expected to "13th Five-Year" period, access terms, transportation service service price and service quality will be the focus of reform and progress in the implementation of supervision, storage and transportation facilities transport export business separation is decided to reform the key factor of success. The price reform started according to the introduction, compared with the existing pipeline transportation price management, "management measures" and "going to" mainly do the following: one is to adjust and improve the adjustment of the price regulation, pipeline transportation to enterprises as the object of regulation, different pricing. The two is to clear the new pricing method, in accordance with the "permit cost plus a reasonable profit" principle, based on the approved permission costs, through the regulatory pipeline transportation enterprises permitted return, to determine the annual total income, and to determine the price of pipeline transportation. Three is the price of the specific cost of the specific standards, not included in the cost of pricing is also clear相关的主题文章:

The Barclays Seth Pisi dey T5 T18 Volcker – Sports Sohu out of Wheat-punyu

The Barclays Seth Pisi dey T5 T18 Volcker – Sports Sohu out of wheat in Beijing August 27th, the total prize money of up to $8 million 500 thousand for the PGA Tour FedEx Cup finals first leg of the Barclays, in the U.S. state of New York into the Bethpage State Park black stadium to the second game for the day. Patrick – Reed played the 68 under par 3, a total score of 134 under par 8, only ranked first, Ricci – Fowler and Emiliano – Argentina ranked tied for second, Jordan Spieth and the defending champion Jensen dey ranked tied for fifth, Rory Mike Roy ranked tied for eighteenth Matsuyama Hideki, Jimmy, Volcker, Graham, Brandon. – macadoo, Cui Jingzhou, and David Thomas were eliminated. Patrick Reed continued strong play, he in 1 holes and 2 holes in a back-to-back birdies after opening, 4 holes and 7 holes for grab a bird ball, 8 hole bogey with 9 holes hit 33 under par 3 grades. After the transfer Patrick – Reed in the 13 hole to birdie the opening, after the 16 hole bogey, 17 birdie ball, 18 hole to bogey to end, after the 9 hole par par 35, the score of 68 under par 3, total score 134 below par 8, only ranked first. Ricci Fowler continued steady play, in his first 9 holes all over 35 bar par, par results. After the transfer Ricci – Fowler in the 2 hole opening with a birdie, 4 hole par 7 hole to catch the bird with 9 holes hit 34 under par 2, the score of 69 under par 2, a total score of 136 under par 6, and hit 5 birds 1. 1 Emiliano – Shuangbai bogey bogey grilo ranked tied for second. Jordan Speth Dikaigaozou, he swallowed Shuangbai bogey at the 10 hole opening, 7 hole par 18 hole to catch the bird with the first 9 hole par 36 higher than the Par 1 grades. Jordan – Spieth in the 2 hole opening with a birdie after the transfer, after the 4 hole Liqin eagle, 6 holes and 7 holes to grab a bird ball with 9 holes hit 31 under par 5, the score of 67 under par 4, total score 138 below par 4, and hit 6 1 Shuangbai bird 3 bogey bogey defending champion Jensen dey ranked tied for fifth. Rory Mike Roy performed well, he’s in 4 to birdie hole opening, 6 holes and 7 holes to grab a bird ball with 9 holes hit 33 under par 3 grades. After the transfer Rory Mike Roy in 13 holes to birdie opening, 15 holes and 16 holes to bogeyed the end, after the 9 hole par 36 higher than the Par 1, the score of 69 under par 2, a total score of 140 under par 2, and hit 5 bird Jamie – Ralph Mark ranked tied for eighteenth. Other names, Adam – round of the current round of 72 shots higher than the standard par of 1, with a total score of 14相关的主题文章:

1-1 Hengda hengda! Nanjing battle 10 bird lore savior violence risk (video)-2828创业网

1-1 Hengda hengda! Nanjing battle 10 bird lore savior violence risk [collection] Hengda 1-1 Suning GalAT broke Teixeira in November 20th 2016 China Savior Tencent sports FA Cup final first leg, Guangzhou Hengda in Tianhe Stadium against Jiangsu suning. The opening is only 9 minutes to break the deadlock, GalAT Hengda, thirty-third minutes, Gao Lin in the restricted area of the single form is brie Sainz down, but the referee refused a penalty; sixty-fourth minutes, Teixeira header succeeded, Suning equalised eighty-fourth minutes, Paulinho shot in the final column, the first leg of the two sides 1-1 draw. The second leg will move to Suning’s home court of Nanjing Olympic Sports Center on November 27th, the two sides will be announced a week after the title race. The focus of the game the first leg draw, the second leg set Championship: 2012-2015 the 4 years of the first round of the FA Cup final, unbeaten team eventually won the championship, and this time the final first leg score of 1-1, so that the two sides in the second leg of the race saw championship hopes, moved to Nanjing in November 27th Olympic Games the center of the duel. But it is worth mentioning that, before this, Hengda AFC Champions League FA Cup two round match in the first round unbeaten situation, ultimately successful promotion (win). Hengda 35 consecutive unbeaten home court: draw with Suning, Hengda this season, the 21 official home court game 12 wins 9 flat unbeaten, including a super 15 war 10 wins 5 flat, FA Cup 1 2 wins, 1 wins and 2 AFC Champions League; Andrew AFC Champions League home court 0-2 defeat to West Sydney rovers, Hengda the remaining 14 6 wins and 8 draws unbeaten home court. In other words, Hengda last 35 unbeaten in the home court official game in defeat, if only count the domestic arena, Hengda last time in the celestial losing can be traced back to the second round of the 2014 season of the bottom face of national security. LVL 6 war Suning 6 goals in the League last year: 2 time break Su Ning City, the Super Cup earlier this year in the face of Su Ningmei to open two degrees, fourteenth round League home court face Suning scored a goal with the FA Cup and a ball, in the face of this GalAT Suning has harvested 4 ball. Only in the face of GalAT Suning did not score in the game, the two sides in the league this year is the reciprocal of the second round fight, Hengda 0-2 not enemy suning. Hengda celebrate a goal replay seventh minutes, Zhou Yun kick from behind Alan, Paulinho came to his teammates a down Zhou Yun, but the referee did not play any meaning. Ninth minutes, Alan edge of the area will be the ball into the box, GalAT disrupt shooting, although Gu Chao threw a ball, but failed to stop the ball into the net to break the deadlock, Hengda, 1-0. Twenty-sixth minutes, Zheng Zhi shot two consecutive edge of the area, are Su Ning back physically blocking, then Hengda ball into the box, Paulinho close range header confiscated by Gu Chao. Thirty-third minutes, GalAT sent Zhise, Gao Lin inserted into the box to get the ball back to form a single, came back from behind the anti Bree Gao Lin down, but the referee refused a penalty Huang Yejun. Fifty-fifth minutes, Wu Xi in the restricted area shot was blocked, Teixeira get a touching column wide range. Sixth)相关的主题文章:

Zheng Saisai Xu Pennant broke into the third round here Zhang Shuai

Zheng Saisai Xu Pennant broke into the third round here Zhang Shuai Stosur out of Zheng Saisai / Xu pennant in women’s doubles third New York Xinhua sports news (reporter Li Bowen) in September 2nd 2 Japan, a number of men and women’s singles seeds successfully broke into the top 16, China combination of Zheng Saisai / Xu Yifan also broke into the third round of women’s doubles, and Zhang Shuai / Stosur is lost to the Rio Olympics will stop the second round champions. On the same day, the defending champion Jo Covic following a round opponent not retire because of injury, this one has received a "customs clearance card". When he was in the first 4:2 leading opponent, Russians filed a medical Misha pause, then announced retire because of injury. "From the physical point of view, there are a few days of rest, play a few games I feel pretty good." Jo Covic said, of course, the tickets to the scene to watch the audience may be some regret." The men’s singles No. 4 seed, the Spaniard Nadal three straight sets, 6:1, 6:4 and 6:2 easily beat the Russians Kuznetsov, the round of 16. "I’m very happy with the way I played today, especially in the first set, but I didn’t play well in the second set." Nadal said after the game. No. 9 seed, the French 6:3, 6:4 and 7:6 to Teson (7:4) defeated South Africa master Anderson, the round of 16. "I’m feeling good. I played well today. I hope I can keep this feeling." "Said bengtsson. The women’s singles, last year’s US Open runner up, Italy veteran Vinci to 6:0, 5:7 And 6:3 to beat the world No. 102nd Witt Haeften, this is Vinci in the U.S. in fourth reached 16. Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki beat in Romania with 6:3 and 6:1. Once the US Open runner up in the poor state, the world ranking fell to 74, but the current state rebounded since January this year, has made the first three game winning streak. No. 2 seed, German Gobel with two 6:1 in the 17 year old local rookie Bayless. "I think I’ve improved a lot and the offense is more aggressive." Gobel said after the game. The women’s doubles, Chinese player Zhang Shuai and Australia’s Stosur combination with 6:3, 6:7 (6:8) 4:6 and lost the Rio Olympic Games women’s doubles champion, Russian combination Maarova / Vesnina, missed the third. "After all the opponent is a Grand Slam champion and Olympic champion, which is currently the strongest tennis doubles on one of the 3. For a long time do not play doubles, we have made a lot of progress, today almost scored, and enjoy the process." Zhang Shuai said after the game. In a field next to the No. 11 seed Zheng Saisai / Xu Yifan by 6:3 And 7:6 (7:5) defeated the IRA Covic / Sangduoniya combination, the third round of women’s doubles promotion.相关的主题文章:

The world’s second richest people in Zhejiang, each of the 380 millionaires (Figure)

The number of billionaires in Zhejiang, the world’s second in every 380 people have a multimillionaire (Figure) want to be a rich difficult? For the rich Bill – Gates, this is simply too simple, he was in the richest man in the United States on the location of a stay for 23 years. And another message for the majority of people living in Zhejiang, it is obviously more cruel". You know, the latest Hurun wealth report shows that Zhejiang’s world’s second highest number! One out of every 380 people in Zhejiang is a multimillionaire!! Bill Gates – twenty-third years ranked the richest man in America "Forbes" magazine on the year before the release of "the 400 richest american". The list shows that Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates won the top twenty-third years. According to reports, Bill – Gates’s assets are estimated at $81 billion. In the global rich list ranked in the top position as Bill Gates has long been occupied. The richest man in the world to see Forbes data range since 1987, Bill Gates has more than half of the time the summit in 30 years; in addition to Bill Gates, no one can be so long time top richest man. Social networking site Facebook founder Mark – $55 billion 500 million to $ranked in the top fourth. Two – Google founder Larry page and Sergei brin separated the ninth and tenth. Zhejiang, the world’s second richest people in the world and the United States compared to the rich, China’s super rich are rapidly increasing, and the trend is the most dazzling place in Zhejiang. According to CNN reports, according to the Hu Run report, Chinese Zhejiang has been born 72 billionaires in the world, only 92 people in the United States of California, ranked second. If the theory of the city, Hangzhou has been the birth of 32 billionaires, more than Paris and San Francisco, the 30 place of the 28. According to the "2016 Hurun global rich list" in the Chinese rich list before ten, Ma Yun family, Zong Qinghou family, Ding Leisan and his family for zhejiang. In the "2016 Hurun brand list" list, a total of 16 Zhejiang based companies on the list. The number of brands listed in the second only to Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai, in the provinces and cities in the country, ranked fourth. Among them, the Alibaba and the ant gold clothing brands Taobao, Tmall and Alipay ranked the top three listed companies in Zhejiang. In the 16 brands, in addition to belong to the tobacco industry and the financial industry bank of Ningbo Liqun, 14 brands of almost all the other belongs to private enterprises. This fully shows that the fertile soil of this piece of Zhejiang private economy, provided sufficient nutrient for breeding, development and growth of well-known private brand. In addition, in July last year released "2015 Hurun Wealth Report" statistics show that in Zhejiang, Zhejiang, one in 380 people are millionaires, one in 6200 people is a billionaire. Tens of millions of wealthy 146 thousand people, accounting for the country’s total assets of hundreds of millions of people, accounting for more than 8790 people, accounting for the country’s total assets of more than 11% of the ultra high net worth of people, accounting for 11.8% of the country’s total of more than 2004 people, accounting for more than. Hu Run (Rupe.相关的主题文章: