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Business A poor reputation online can be enough to sink the best laid marketing plans in an instant not to mention the amount of money in marketing dollars that can be lost trying to over market poor PR. The wrong thing to do is nothing. This is where having a system for Reputation Management comes into play. In today’s world it is vital for businesses of all sizes to have a strategy in place that can predict and address reputation issues, create a positive image and foster better customer relations. The Internet is a fast paced and uncaring tool for communication. It does not care if what is posted about you is good or bad. The search engines dont care either; they only care about making it findable. With the advent of social media, consumers now have a means of spreading the word about of company, product or service to the multitudes with a simple click of their keyboard. In fact, social media has become such a valuable conduit of information that the news media is using for their stories what people are talking about online. So if a customer has a complaint and posts it online it can potentially and quickly become local or even national news. Take for instance the lesson Pepsi learned when they decided to change the logo they had been using for 25 years of an orange with a straw to a glass of juice. Consumers were up in arms over the change and made it known quite loudly on social networks calling for a boycott of the brand. Pepsi waited two months to respond and then changed the logo back to the original one. The slowness of their response resulted in more damage as it was simply too little too late. Dominos pizza on the other had had an even bigger situation with two employees posting a video of themselves on YouTube defiling someones take out order. Yuck! Without delay Dominos was on the offensive with a YouTube video of their own launching a Reputation Management campaign that has been viewed as a success. The story about Dominos made it into the New York Times. The most successful way of managing your reputation is to combine traditional PR with the new social media tools. There are hundreds of online systems for tracking, maintaining and repairing a reputation with more being developed on a regular basis. Knowing how to track, synthesize and maintain this new burst of communication is a must for PR success. A strong Reputation Management system is a must in any PR strategy in this day and age and can be the difference between simply fostering better customer relations and cleaning up a disaster. About the Author: As an Online PR and Marketing Specialist, Diane D. Stein, has been in the field of Public Relations for the past 20 years. At University of Georgia Diane learned what creates true camaraderie that fuels powerful campaigns. Ever since she has made it her mission to seek out the newest and fastest lines of communication to targeted groups of individuals, allowing her to create tight-knit societies that are the driving force behind big movements. During her early PR career in Atlanta. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章:

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| In ancient times, fireplaces are mostly made from stone. They were built for practical purposes, and very little attention was paid to the looks and designs of the fireplaces. Their primary function was to provide heat, and stone fireplaces can serve that function very well. As settlements evolve and cities grow, so does the needs of homeowners. Soon, many homeowners start to feel that their fireplaces look too plain and boring. And that’s when people start to ask for fireplaces with designs. There are many different types of designs to choose from. For example, you can choose a Medieval design, a classic design, a contemporary design, and others. The only thing to bear in mind is not to get carried away with the designs. Otherwise, you run in the danger of choosing a design that is too elaborate, and it spoils the overall look of the house. Also, as technology continues to evolve, more options are being made available to homeowners. Since the problem is primarily a heating problem, many modern fireplaces can actually provide heat without fire. But what is a fireplace without a fire? It doesn’t look at that warm and cozy without a real fire burning. So innovative manufacturers even go as far as to create holographic images of a fire burning, so as to simulate a real fire. The benefit of doing this is that the homeowner get to enjoy the heat without having to worry about ash, burnt wood, and the danger of having a burning fire in the house. In recent times, more and more homeowners are starting to look at stone fireplaces. That is because stone is fire resistant, and it’s the ideal material for building fireplaces. In addition, there are many different types of stone to choose from – limestone, granite, masonry, marble, etc. Of course, some will cost more than others. Stone fireplaces are coming back in style because you can create all sorts of designs from stone. Some stones have natural patterns that create stunning looks. Others just appear simple and nice. The choice of design depends very much on personal preferences as well. Stone fireplaces can be crafted into unique designs if you want. The cost of a stone fireplace is affected by several factors. The type of stone that you choose matters, and the design that you choose also matters. The simpler the design, the cheaper the cost. That’s because less time and energy is required for simpler designs. More sophisticated or complicated designs will certainly cost more. They not only require more time to build, they also require higher levels of skill. When making fireplace design decisions, always take into consideration the overall look and feel of the house. Stone fireplaces go well with many different types of styles. Perhaps it is a good idea to keep the design simple to ensure that the fireplace matches the rest of the house, and the cost of building the fireplace will be cheaper. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The top is a designer garment which covers human bodys upper part. There are lots of varieties in the top for women. These tops are designed in an attractive range especially for the women. They can be shot like mid torso and may be longer as the thigh. Mens tops generally make pairing with the pants, that of a woman with skirts or pants. Some .mon type of tops includes the shirts or women blouses. The high line tops may be worn loose or tight around buts. There are some tips for you when you to buy any of these tops. These tops can transform the outfits. The Stylish women blouse or tops allows you to make some bold statement. These are available in a wide variety from casual to professional. So you can follow the simple guide to get the best results for you. For your every day wear you need to choose the best of it. You can see many shapes and sizes of blouses according to your outfits. The bright colors look good at times of summer whereas the deeper colors look pretty good in winters. When it’s really hot outside you can actually try for a thin shirt or some sleeveless top and then can have some womens jacket upon it. There are over layering just because to give the top a decent look .If you are one of them who likes to make a statement with their clothes, then you can also look for a fun graphic T-shirts which actually looks good during warm seasons. Printed T-shirts gave a clumsy look to your wardrobe, so its better to stick to some of lighter colors such as creamy or sky blue. Accessories to this can give you some extra bit of sparkle. For some occasional time, the tunic or blouse style thirst seems really classy. Whenever you are looking for some women tops you must pay some time and buy something that actually looks better and make you .fortable. You can also look for the desired top at the online catalogues also. Because they often give you a wide range of sizes with that they also have .petitive prices and they sometimes give offers too. The benefit to shop over these catalogues is that you can access to different catalogues of different websites and then you can choose the top which actually makes you look different from others. There is a number of leading online fashion shopping catalogues; they keep the latest stock from around the world. These catalogues feature an extensive range of womens tops and also they have a very wide range of variety. There are a number of women shrugs also available. The most favorite thing about shrug is that they look so good on every type of women body. These actually make you look a part from the crowd. You can look for these in your local market or in the online catalogues. So you must choose what actually look so .fortable and looks best on you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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UnCategorized There is one school of thought in time management training that will say that one task needs to be done at a time. This is so the person can give full focus and attention to the task and finish it to a high standard. I am certainly not arguing with that! Many people believe that multi-tasking is just not possible. There is however, a place for multi-tasking when it is appropriate. It is not about trying to .plete two .plex tasks at the same time, but more about fitting two simpler tasks around each other. Without necessarily realising it, most people have multi-tasked at some point in their lives even if they have not truly considered it. Have you ever been on the phone to mum while cooking the pasta for dinner? Have you ever been eating your toast while looking at the internet with the TV on in the background? Have you ever been reading a book while cleaning your teeth? If you have done this or other similar things together then you have already tried multi-tasking. proficient at multi-tasking is about honing these skills and learning what should and should not be multi-tasked. When I had my young children I found that there was no other option but to multi-task if I wanted to get everything done. The baby would be in his high chair eating his toast and drinking milk while I sang songs and raced about the kitchen doing the washing up and putting the laundry on, often while having the dinner cooking on the stove. Playing with my child with the potatoes, while I was peeling them for dinner was not un.mon. When my first child was very small I would strap him to my front in a pouch and do the oakey-kokey while doing the hovering. I learned valuable skills which have allowed me to multi-task now I am back at work. Learning to multi-task is about looking at the list of tasks you have to do and their priority. You then need to think of little things that can be fitted around other things. There are some tasks that do not lend themselves to multi-tasking. For example, I could not work on this article while making tea or painting the bedroom. Some things simply need your undivided attention. One task that can be scheduled around other things is printing. If you need to print various things then set the printing to start and work on some other task while the printing is happening. This will avoid possible useful down time. It would be wasteful to sit by the printer waiting for the jobs to finish when you have other things you could be getting on with. There are some people that truly find multi-tasking impossible. Those people are usually much happier doing one thing at a time and that is perfectly acceptable. For other people who would like to improve their productivity via multi-tasking then give it a go. Make sure that you do not try and .pletely overwhelm yourself or this will be.e counter-productive. As humans we can only handle so much and trying to fit three .plicated tasks into the same time slot will simply make you burn out. We cannot fully concentrate on more than one thing at once and may make mistakes. Consider how you can multi-task. What tools can help you multi-task? How can simply changing the way you do something be more efficient? If I wanted to learn a foreign language, but do not have time because I like to go to the gym after work then this would be a problem. I cannot read while on the running machine. Changing the way I learn may help. For example I could get language tapes and listen to them while I run. The key is to perform more than one simple task together. Do not attempt to write a project proposal while painting your toe nails! Do try to do the washing up in between cooking the diner. Do not try to programme a database while holding a sales call in a foreign language! Do try to bind the final reports while waiting for a file to load. Most of all if you find that something is not working then stop and give one task your full attention. Things which could be dangerous if you do not give them your full attention such as driving a car should never be multi-tasked. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: