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Five for the first half of the 25 thousand people to leave the staff’s worst monthly income of 790 y-tsumori chisato

Five for the first half of the 25 thousand people to leave the staff’s worst monthly income of 790 yuan   Agricultural Bank of China as the only negative growth in revenue of listed banks non-performing loan rate of up to " the worst monthly income of 790 yuan " five to 25 thousand turnover in the first half of the five staff at the end of last year were reduced, the turnover rate of the skilled people’s livelihood, 2.2%; bank staff salaries declined during the first half of the stock market is not before, economic growth remained weak, once regarded as rich handsome financial industry will no longer get together. With the reported one after another after the disclosure, listed banks, brokerage, fund had pay cuts, the phenomenon of downsizing in the first half of the year has a lot of company. In this context, many practitioners began to leave the initiative or withdraw from the financial sector. With the 16 listed banks disclosure completed, layoffs, pay cuts become the focus of public attention. Someone exclaimed " ", " layoffs; leave the tide to ". Insiders said that layoffs without say so exaggerated, but pressure is larger. According to the Beijing News reporter statistics, the first half of the workers, farmers, China, construction, pay five lines of staff than the end of the year fell by 7635, respectively, 4023, 6881, and 6721 people, a total of over 25 thousand people. Among them, the highest turnover rate, more than 2.2%. Salaries, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, the total salary and welfare workers have declined year on year, including Agricultural Bank fell 2.89%. Minsheng Bank cut topped according to previously published data, the Minsheng Bank listed bank " in the near future; get tide " in the first place. Minsheng Bank 2016 semi annual report revealed that this year, 1-6 months, Minsheng Bank employees pay 8 billion 740 million yuan, compared with the same period last year fell by 22%. Some analysts pointed out that this is not unrelated to the operating conditions of the Minsheng Bank in the first half. Daily news, Minsheng Bank in the first half operating income grew 1.36%, net profit grew by 1.66%, becoming the first growth rate fell through the shares of the line of 2%. Minsheng Bank also get attracted their shareholders " shelling ". Minsheng Bank, one of the shareholders of Shi Yuzhu in micro-blog commented: " reduce the salary level is bad. Can people, but never pay pay, otherwise serious loss of talent; enterprise personnel is the elimination of useless people, is a useful person cut away. " inter bank pay differentiation is also a concern. According to the securities times statistics, three city firm Beijing bank, Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Ningbo in the first half of this year, the per capita salary increased by 25.6% over the same period last year, respectively, and 61.5%. Beijing News reporter according to the bank reported statistics, the traditional bank of ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of staff salaries and benefits have declined, including Agricultural Bank fell 2.89%. The five lines are downsizing in addition to pay cuts, also appeared in casualty. According to the Beijing News reporter statistics, workers, farmers, China, construction, pay five lines of staff than the end of the year fell by 7635, respectively, 4023, 6881, 6721 and 577, of which the highest rate of bank turnover, super.相关的主题文章:

Zhou Hongyi This Internet Conference propaganda Lei Jun and then sleep, sleep on your shoulder-ghost observer

Zhou Hongyi: This Internet Conference propaganda Lei Jun and then sleep, sleep on your shoulder Sina Technology Helen Wang Xiaolu this year’s World Internet Conference began, Chinese Internet bigwigs gathered again. In addition to serious and serious lectures, the conference also has these humorous little things. Just arrived in Wuzhen, the most correct posture is what? Ma bought a piece of cake will win, Ding Lei to find the toilet, according to media reports, Ma appeared in Wuzhen alley. He asked his entourage to buy some wins the cake, then got into the B & B 18 Jincheng bank private dinner. Around 9:30 at night, the moonlight is beautiful, Ding Lei arrived in Wuzhen. Still a sweatshirt, jeans, with a signature smile. Then he was a large number of reporters surrounded by a security guard "hired" Ding Lei successful encirclement, toward the toilet. "Bring your own pork this year?" "Ding boss, did you have dinner? About people?" Reporters have asked. Ding Lei only smiled but did not reply, sitting in the car ferry in a hurry to leave. What do you wear at the convention? Ma Yunliang black jacket Qiangjing, red leader Mao handsome. It is said that Zhang Zhaoyang’s unusually unique clothes, dancing above there is a hole in her…… Why are you always next to me? Last year, because of a photo and the popularity of Lei Zhou CP, this year and sat together. From last year I watched you sleeping quietly this year we smile tenderness, the picture is very harmonious. Zhou Hongyi said this, and Lei Jun sit together is arranged by the organizers, "just met Lei told me that this can not sleep. I just said it’s time to sleep on your shoulder." According to the outflow of photos in the morning, the two people talk about Huan huan. Users have a message, said: "this CP I stand!" This song lyrics of sina technology, please consciously with "to accompany you to see the meteor shower" the rhythm of singing. Internet Conference last year sleep I moved behind you watching you sleep and not far away from the red I accompany you to sit next to the weight of the dream all give me your hand with me and how you have the Red Sea mobile phone never lost direction in the Internet Conference in Wuzhen to meet you in my sleep I believe you should shoulder eyes only stay in your face and you will see happiness相关的主题文章:

Hubei tomb is now 500 years ago, woman hair eyebrows visible – Sohu Culture Channel-sexinse

Hubei tomb is now 500 years ago, woman hair eyebrows visible – Sohu culture channel recently, a Ming Dynasty coffin unearthed in Gaoling Zhen Xu Jia Gang Cun Jingzhou Shishou City of Hubei, opened the coffin, a sleeping for about 500 years of the Ming Dynasty woman delivered from oppression! The face of the corpse is clear, even the eyebrows and hair are clearly visible. Subsequently, the staff to clean up the funerary items in the coffin, clean out the clip a quilt, 2 quilts, pillows, 1 pieces of silk and cotton clothing 22 sets. Shishou City Cultural Relics Bureau deputy director, deputy curator of the Museum of Peng Tao according to the female body, bones, teeth, hair roughly calculate its age at 60. The experts were surprised to find the woman in the outermost untie the clothes, a woman with a suspected chest pressure paper items, what specific significance need further study. In addition, the woman who dress a total of 13 sets, including 1 parts: silk hat, coat the 5 pieces, 4 pieces of silk, a cotton; over 7 sets, of which 2 pieces of cotton silk dress, dress 1, silk trousers 2, knee 1 sets, 1 sets of bindings, shoes 1 set. Most of these costumes are well preserved, especially in a set of silk blouses and trousers. In addition to these costumes, the experts did not find other words, so the identity of the owner is still a mystery. Figure for the Ming Dynasty coffin woman. Why is the woman after 500 years, will be preserved so well? Experts, in addition to lime slurry protection glutinous rice thick outer coffin, the coffin was found beneath the herbs and red dates. Shishou, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of cultural relics museum deputy director Peng Tao said, this study of the south, especially valuable significance in Ming Dynasty in southern Hubei’s funeral customs, costumes, and the Ming dynasty. Security staff open the cover and found in the coffin of the preservation of a large number. The morning of October 30th, with the Jingzhou City Center for the protection of cultural relics experts, the staff will use liquid medicine for protection of Ming Dynasty complete woman into glass coffin after. At the same time, all unearthed apparel finishing seal bagging after refrigerated protection, to further study. Figure for the Ming Dynasty coffin woman. Figure for the Ming Dynasty coffin shoes. And the remains of the owner of a cotton wrapped tomb.相关的主题文章:

Beijing 6 public rental housing standards for the first time this month to

Beijing 6 public rental housing for the first time by the municipal service standards this month in [Abstract] reporters yesterday from the city low-income housing investment center was informed that the center has identified the "third party operation" service mode for Tongzhou District 6 public housing project, the first batch of projects will be in this week ushered into the live reporter yesterday from the city low-income housing investment center was informed that the center has identified the "third party operation" service mode for Tongzhou District 6 public housing project, the first batch of projects will usher in a stay in this week. It is understood that this is the city’s first attempt to provide outsourcing services in the field of public rental third party management of the new model, the level of service of these public rental projects in the tenant rental process will be improved. "Early adopters" project involving 1686 suites, it is reported that from November 2016 to the end of 2017, Tongzhou District 6 public housing project security center plan will add all the city low-income housing investment management service center. The 6 public housing project respectively for the Pearl River Dongdu International (real estate information) project, project, new international tonre Greenville (Yongshun Business Park) project, in home A site project, West set project and Tongzhou 0604 blocks from the metro project, building a total of 1686 sets, a total construction area of about 85 thousand and 600 square meters. Prior to this, the operation of public rental management is relatively traditional, based on the basic holders. For public rental project of municipal co-ordination, service agencies are generally low-income housing investment by the city center for the center, in addition to self built projects, public housing projects will be acquired, some enterprises or in the operation to become the holder. The public rental project of each district is divided into two categories: one is the holding unit responsible for the operation of each district; two is part of the district will be with the city low-income housing investment cooperation center, by the joint venture company in accordance with the municipal mode and standard operation. This time, in fact, the holder is still in Tongzhou District, we as a third party for the public rental housing projects in 6 operations, management and services." City affordable housing investment center, a responsible person explained that this provision of outsourcing services in the third party mode of operation and management of public rental housing in the city is the first time. Services to meet the new standard ISO9001 model, the public rental is still held by the District, but through the professional third party operations management, and what is the advantage of this new model? The person in charge of cooperation with Tongzhou, is actually the standardized operation management service export city low-income housing investment center, purchase of services by local government departments, open public rental diversified holdings, standardized operation "mode. Due to the operation of different subjects, public rental housing in the property services, residential environment, there are more or less gaps. This reporter learned that, Tongzhou took the lead early adopters of "third party operation mode, is actually a set of complete and standardized service mode of" cloning "to the 6 public housing project on the body. According to the person in charge, in 2015, the city of low-income housing investment center to become the first to obtain ISO9001 quality management system certification for low-income housing management agencies, currently operated by the more than and 20 public rental housing has initially formed a standardized service pattern. Data show that nearly five years under the standard service of public rental housing相关的主题文章:

Next week, the annual salary of 5 million 500 thousand inter contract icardi exposure compensation o-msvbvm60.dll

Next week I Karl Di annual salary of 5 million 500 thousand inter contract exposure compensation of 100 million [collection] inter 2-1 four years the first win of Juventus I Karl Di shot Jiangong Inter to retain I Karl Di Tencent sports news September 20th according to the "Italy football" international news, Milan has continued and I Karl Di about the agreement, no accident, the official news will be announced the renewal of Inter in the next week, I Karl Di’s salary will be increased to 5 million 500 thousand euros, breach of contract payments will reach 100 million euros. Mauro icardi was born in February 19, 1993, has been 23 years old this year, he came to the Milan in 2013, the first season to join the team have scored 9 goals in the 2014-15 season, icardi ushered in a large outbreak, scored 27 goals last season, his play has shrunk, but there are still 16 goals. The new season, I Karl Di to open "mode, there have been 4 Serie A goals, in the just concluded Italy national Derby, he also scored 1 goals to help inter win 2-1. This summer, Juventus (website data) and Naples, but the plan I Karl Di, Feng Ba stay with Meazza, and had planned to renew the inter striker, now the two sides finally reached an agreement, it is reported that I Karl Di’s contract is likely to be announced next week in the official, his annual salary will reach 5 million 500 thousand euros, the contract the default payment will reach 100 million euros, but only to the foreign team. In an interview, I Karl Di also loyal to the inter table, the club invested a lot of money this summer, the introduction of a number of high level players, which can help me play a better. I want to wear this player to win the honor, I want to stay here, I’m very happy in the city of Milan, I have never asked for leave." On twitter, Wanda Nora praises her husband icardi is the strongest in the world No. 9, in this regard, icardi commented, "she wrote that because she is my wife, but I still have a certain gap with the world’s top, I have a lot of strong strikers are better. I don’t think about it, I will try to score, I’m an inter striker, if a striker doesn’t score, then he Nothing is right. Scoring is my responsibility, I will continue to work hard, can break the door of the club to make people happy, for Inter and the effectiveness of the difference, but in the Italy Derby goal is very important, which makes me very satisfied." (smoke ring)相关的主题文章: