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[map] only due to static experience Chevrolet Kewozi – Sohu career car-poper

[map] only due to static experience Chevrolet Kewozi – Sohu career car page first: Chevrolet Kewozi static experience: the appearance of new car]Cavalier and Knight [Sohu have "Knight" meaning in english. Knight said a focus more on the title, position, for the lowest order of the European medieval nobility, have their own fiefs; Cavalier refers only to have their own weapons and mounts, riding the "cavalry" does not emphasize the identity and status. I do not know is not a coincidence, the new compact car SAIC Chevrolet launch with named Cavalier (Chinese name for "Kewozi"), which is also the target consumer is just emerging in the community of people, even without his own title and status. Such a car, can resonate with this group of consumers do? SAIC Chevrolet Kewozi (hereinafter referred to as "Kewozi") located in an entry-level compact car, its length and width and height are respectively 45441779 1467mm, wheelbase 2600mm, power on, 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the power output of 109 hp. Transmission system matching 5 speed manual and 6 speed manual gearbox. What have to have a source, SAIC GM Chevrolet how quickly and took out a compact car new products? Perhaps with SAIC GM’s entry-level compact car – Excelle discontinued, Excelle discontinued, 8-10 million range vacated just let Chevrolet occupy Kewozi. Interestingly, Kewozi since the birth of SAIC GM Wuhan branch, and here is the birthplace of the new Buick hideo. The relationship between the two, how many people will have some associations. Light abacus ring no use, now 8-10 million in the compact car in this interval, Buick Excelle let off the tears, their brand value further upward. Kewozi to connect the "disc", using the product to speak, after such a circle of "stray time", we go back to the beginning of the problem: whether Kewozi and its target consumers resonate? Everything has to start with the appearance… (Editor: Wang Xiaolei) page second: Chevrolet Kewozi static experience: interior space, power, conscience, positioning entry-level joint venture compact car interior materials don’t expect a large area of leather, in this condition, to create a good impression of the interior became the primary purpose of this level models, but also Kewozi without exception, the continuation of the general interior design consistently high level; at the same time in the riding space did not let us down… Summary: in the Cold War era of the armed forces, the nature of Cavalier and Knight in the distance never force value, and more emphasis on moral, religious, position, title… Above。 After thousands of years by the name of Cavalier’s birth Kewozi is such a product that is not born, but as a vehicle to attract ordinary people who are unwilling to mediocrity, to meet their basic needs, and gave them unexpected surprise. Pull a bit farther,相关的主题文章:

Wisdom travel new Forum revealed plans – car products Weima Beijing-p8400

"Wisdom travel new" Forum revealed plans for new products of automobile Weima network in September 22, in Beijing in September 21st, "wisdom travel new" theme of the forum held in Shanghai, the forum is organized by the Council for the promotion of international trade Chinese Machinery Industry Branch, automotive knowledge magazine and intelligent electric vehicle China Electronic Chamber of commerce joint special committee hold. Director of the Institute of comprehensive transportation of the national development and Reform Commission Wang Ming, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese automobile industry association chairman Ye Shengji, the car company founder and CEO Shen Hui, HUAWEI China district business advisory planning minister (Deputy Minister of Ministry of Qin Zhuo to solve the program), the Tencent cloud chief architect Liu Xudong, travel by senior vice president Fu Qiang and other guests attended. Participants for the future travel mode and the development of the transportation industry are described and discussed. The car company founder and CEO Shen Hui keynote Weimaraner motors founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui speech revealed the Weimaraner car of the future product planning "128" strategy, which is based on German technology, mobilize global resources around the 1 core architecture, extension of "STD", "PL" 2 vehicle platforms, at least 8 high-quality mainstream smart cars, since 2018, with more than a new car speed to the market gradually, and value chain solutions through innovative sales, operations, finance, service, information strategy equivalence, form the basis of the hardware platform of laying and intelligent vehicle network coverage. In 2017, company car will service first, to allow users to experience the travel service company. At the end of the conference, the participating companies (vimar automobile, Fosun Group, Tencent, HUAWEI, BOSCH, SIEMENS, and travel by China Unicom, horizon robot, sophisticated electric, helpyou electric, Shenzhen key bridge, Han Yi Technology) together constitute the "wisdom travel business elite exchange", is committed to promoting the development of travel industry and wisdom landing. Participating companies jointly formed a "wisdom travel business elite sink" in the next three to five years, the development of the automobile ‘acceleration’ will be faster, the car value chain will appear odd technology, is a key period for car redefined. "Vimar’s founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui said that in 2015 the State Council issued the" 2025 "China manufacturing, intelligent network of car for the first time was promoted to national strategic height. Under the impact of the new technology, the car hardware products, has undergone profound changes, today’s car prices are no longer a simple vehicle manufacturers, but travel service providers. There will be "car car of the future" as the basic foothold, listen to the needs of users, the first task is to build a smart car mainstream users without a license and the subsidy cases are willing to buy, and on this basis, the open hardware platform gradually, let more partners in this platform to contact the user, found the intelligent travel together to create value, value chain. Shen Hui said in a speech: "my experience at Volvo and Fiat work tell me, make a reasonable price, stable supply, quality and reliable" Fiat 500 ", far more than making a handmade" Ferrari "many difficulties. But there is not ideal to build a "rich man.相关的主题文章:

Nanning the wife suspected her husband derailed divorce truth idea too Mistress is her husband-synnex

Nanning: the wife suspected her husband derailed divorce truth idea too: Mistress is the husband of Nanning News Network – Nanning evening news (reporter Liang Jing correspondent Author: Yu Yi Li) wife suspected her husband derailment, and find out the "mistress" underwear photos, condoms, etc. at home video discs. Ali to sue for divorce, compensation for mental solatium 100 thousand yuan. Hearing the case, the truth was astonishing: CD "Lingerie Photos, mistress" are Ali husband, claiming to engage in the broadcast on the network. The day before, the ironic divorce disputes in Jiangnan District Court Wu Wei court concluded. Ali and Jiang are "80", the two fell in love after marriage. In the beautiful view, although a strong than his mistress, but not mature, good for your care. However, their daughter was born in early 2013 after a strong start, but often yebuguisu. In the beautiful view the signs, the husband outside "people". So, Ali began at home in a search, actually found four "mistress" Lingerie Photos, the woman in the photo or underwear or short skirts, long hair fluttering slightly plump body. In addition, Ali also from home pulls out a condom and a video. Before looking at these things, Ali is very angry, sued her husband to the Southern District Court of Wu Wei court, claims the spirit of solatium 100 thousand yuan. The court, in the face of Ali hands "mistress" pornographic video discs and other evidence, a husband actually said in photos and videos of the "woman" is in fact himself, the women dress just to be broadcast live network. Hearing these words, Ali identify carefully for a long time, also agreed with this argument, and confirmed that the video was recorded in their home. Ali said the trial, her husband, just a driver, he did not expect a webcast of the hobby, so insisted on divorce. Because of strong also agreed to divorce, so the court granted the divorce, the two sides to raise her daughter ali. For Ali’s claim, the judge pointed out that according to the relevant provisions, the spirit of solatium claim is based on "who has a spouse living with others", which has a spouse and extramarital sex, not in the name of husband, sustained and stable living together. While Ali submitted evidence is not sufficient to prove a strong presence of cohabitation outside marriage, therefore does not support.  相关的主题文章:

The creation of art requires a sense of craftsman – Culture – People’s network-invictus gaming

Art should have artisan consciousness — Culture — original title: art should have consciousness of some of the works "craftsman concept of art creation idea and method rigid, outdated way of plot setting and monotony, there is nothing new in the stage production of crude, artistic level is not high." Recently, the province cultural department responsible person in an art, his artistic creation are seeking quality not quantity, thought-provoking. Literature and art is the torch of the national spirit and the clarion call of the times. Do a good job of artistic creation, we must adhere to the people as the center of the creative orientation, in-depth life, grassroots oriented. In the field of artistic creation, some artists thought impetuous, quick success, leading to write works to shallow and mediocre quality, the urgent need to strengthen the consciousness of craftsmen. Such a thing happened in the eastern coastal city: the city for tourism development, requires the creation of a reflection of the local troupes repertoire of local customs and practices. Troupes are also very active, less than a month, will stand on stage and play. The invited experts put forward a lot of drama, and the cost of change greatly. There is an expert comment straightforward: this drama in order to improve the quality, can only be pushed back, the drama itself plot settings, the logical structure of the problem." In fact, the play is not good works may be, but because she quickly, in order to create a good creative, original themes emerged but insipid, resulting in a waste of manpower and material resources, but also affect the external evaluation of the groups. There are many factors that influence the creation of fine arts, such as lack of talents, imperfect evaluation system and so on, but one of the key lies in the creation of the unit did not establish a sense of craftsman. From "Plateau" to "peak", we need to change the idea, innovate the mode, and leap the thought. First of all, the depth of life, rooted in the people as the creation of the new normal. People and life are the inexhaustible source of artistic creation. No matter how the times and social development, how to change the environment of artistic creation, the purpose of literature and art for the people can not be changed. The cultural departments should actively create conditions to encourage and support the artists to the grassroots, through the establishment of folk literature base, set up funds to support the way of promoting art into life to institutionalize. Secondly, it is necessary to establish a scientific and rigorous evaluation system. A piece of work from the early stage to the final rehearsal, set the stage, the need for professionals to check, to avoid interference with the subjective will of creation. In the topic of the project must be fully demonstrated, from the source to provide the soil for the emergence of good works. Third, we should attach importance to the work of criticism. At present, literary criticism is a short board in many areas, and praise derogatory inferior, jizhuoyangqing literature review team should be established. Excellent style of the critic has to inherit the Chinese traditional literary criticism, as well in the repertoire of praise at the same time, also must confidently put forward their true thoughts and opinions, not mature repertoire so, in order to have more good play was beat out. (Su Rui) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章:

China women’s Basketball League season 16 starts – Sports –

China women’s Basketball League season 16 starts – Sports – newspaper in Beijing in October 13,     (reporter Fan Jiayuan) Chinese women’s Basketball League 2016 – 2017 season (WCBA) will be opened on the 16 day of the regular season opener, Beijing women’s basketball home court against Liaoning women’s basketball team, the first round of other games at the same time. The new season of the continuation of the new system after the reform, the 4 stages of qualifying, regular season, playoffs and finals. After the previous qualifying, Beijing, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Shanghai, Liaoning and other 12 teams into the regular season. WCBA all star game will be held on January 21, 2017. The playoffs in February 4th war, the 14 final use of the 3 battle of the victory, the semi-finals and finals using the 5 Battle of the 3 wins. The finals, such as playing 5 games, the League ended in March 7, 2017. The office of the league leader Zhang Xiong introduced: "under the new system, each team must have at least 32 games, an increase of 46% over the previous games." On the day of the press conference, the State General Administration of sport basketball Management Center Deputy Director Hu Jiashi said, to improve the competitive level of the league has been incorporated into the new cycle of Olympic Games for the system, the new league season theme is "ready", hope carries the dream of girls basketball can strengthen confidence, hard skills, to revitalize the business Chinese basketball ready. "People’s Daily" (October 14, 2016 19 Edition) (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Hu Xuerong)相关的主题文章: