Changchun Yitonghe river storage tank are built, what function where

Changchun Yitonghe river storage tanks are built in what place has what function in the construction of three integrated water treatment project of Yitong River middle Changxin road storage tank construction site. Photography publicity Changchun yesterday evening news reporter learned, to complete a number of engineering construction, to ensure the heating period before the National Day period, the middle of Yitong River comprehensive treatment project site has been closed. "In order to complete the storage pool construction in frozen before, only at the site of a National Day." In the construction of three Fushan road section construction project director Jin Xingkai said. The road will be completed before the construction of frozen storage tank 1, reporters in Dongrong bridge near Fushan CSDT site to see, in order to ensure the progress of the project during the festival, here is one of the busy scene, formed obvious contrast with the quiet city. Thousands of builders from Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, with their sweat for the construction of the beautiful Yitonghe river. The storage tank is required to complete the road construction project in frozen before, otherwise it will affect the whole progress in the transformation of the Yitong river. Through the cooperation of various departments, the construction of the current work in accordance with the plan in an orderly manner. Construction period to the end of this year. Or carry sewage or collect the rainwater storage tank can avoid water pollution first to talk about what is the storage tank. A storage tank is refers to the collection of sewage overflow in the early rainfall period, and then after the rainfall stops will collect the sewage drainage pipe or orderly transported to the sewage treatment plant, reduce the sewage into the river, the water environment protection. The storage tank is a typical representative of Fushan road. There is a pond is the rainwater collection facilities, the main effect of the peak flow of stormwater runoff in the temporary stay, the maximum flow from the storage tank will decrease after rainwater discharge. To avoid the rain flood, rainwater recycling, and avoid the initial rainwater subjected to water pollution, completely solve the overflow of mixed sewage water pollution problem. Happy island is such a storage tank. Storage tanks are built in these places in the construction of three journalists from the staff of the Department learned that the middle of the Yitong river engineering including Pleasure Island, private gate revetment, fitness center, station construction and dredging, water ecological management etc.. Fushan road storage tank located in the south of North Ring Road, west of the Yitong river regulation, the scale of 265 thousand cubic meters, covers an area of 26100 square meters, more than 51 meters from the green road. Changxin road storage pool is located in the Yitong River embankment road on the west side of Kuancheng District, south of the North Ring Road, pipeline extending southward to Wu drainage station, the main venue for the pond, and the clearing bank. The road CSDT two district of Yitong River on the east side of the design, construction period of about 30 thousand cubic meters of water, to the end of this year. The project site is mainly around the woods on the South and North West Road, Dongrong Yongning Road, from the east to the north and South River Road series. Happy island pond is located south of the Yongning bridge, embankment road east, west of the Yitong River, tributary of the Yitong river. The Moon Island pond excavation completed 10 thousand cubic meters of construction, cable laying, construction to meet the demand for electricity. Nanhu road clean storage tank相关的主题文章: