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Business There have been many so called "dream chasers" that can be found throughout history. These individuals are proud to claim that badge of honor because it remind them daily of their struggle and gives them strength to continue on life’s journey. Dream chasers understand the importance of visualizing their success to gain personal insight about oneself. Dream chasers will post pictures of vacations spots, cars, homes etc… in areas most visited by them on a daily basis to encourage their success. Those of us who are dream chasers have felt the mighty hand of defeat and tasted the sweet flavor of victory while we continue pressing on down life’s pathway toward success. Many of us remember how it was to start a business but we only had a few choices to choose from. We could have sold soap from Amway, personal care products from Avon, household products from Watkins or I can’t remember what Shakily sold. Those were the choices for independent business owners back then. Wealthy individuals are blessed to be able to open a convenient stores, gas stations or restaurants. Independent business owners were limited in the past and we did not know it or chose to ignore it. Yeah, those were the good old days. Looking back on business life through it rear view mirror, I can recall how business network was conducted. We were taught to make a list of all of our friends and relatives, introduce yourself to everyone with three feet of you and probe for information about their family, in.e, occupation and dreams. I was also taught to leave business cards everywhere I visited that day. I learned the business presentations, presented it at one-on-ones and group events, I attended all the weekly, monthly and major corporate sponsored events and I bought books and tapes to keep me informed and inspired. I now realize it takes all of this and more to remain a faithful dream chaser. I remember the day I started building my businesses online as well as maintaining my offline businesses presence. In many ways building a business on the internet is much easier because there is an abundance of information available and the world is your marketplace. You can be.e an affiliate of a program and sell their products or manufacture your own products for distribution. Providing your customers with informational books, CD?DVD courses or whatever products you consider worthy of promoting. If you have a website that takes orders, a good auto responder with a well written email c.mpaign to build a database of responsive prospects and build long lasting relationships with your customers. Never over hyped the features of a product but focus your attention on the performance and value the product provides to your customers. It is extremely important to dream chasers to build businesses both online and offline to maximize in.e potential. What ever you do never stop chasing your dreams because of their continuing success. Do not ever let anyone steal your dreams by telling you it can not be done. You do not need to know the answers to all of your questions before you start building your inter. business because you will have plenty of time to learn. Find a good role model and ask what’s the secret to their success is and use that knowledge until you gain your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: