Continental landslide caused by the survival of the crisis will usher in the most deserted eleven xhero

The large landslide caused the survival crisis of Taiwan will usher in the most deserted "eleven" – Beijing [Global Times reported] in May this year, Cai came to power after the cross-strait relations "frozen", the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan has cliff downwards, the island’s tourism industry in trouble. See, "eleven" golden week is approaching, but no longer than in previous years to become Taiwan tourism "Golden Week", even in Chiayi County, the DPP, Ali Mountain tourism also sit still, they 12 relief package of the 13 buses to Kay road rally. On the day of the parade in the crowd, there are a lot of people hit the "two sides of a pro" brand, like Cai Yingwen’s Cross Strait policy took a loud slap in the face. Taiwan tourism industry is at a critical juncture. According to the Taiwan Immigration Department statistics, the number of land users to apply to Taiwan recently only 30% of the same period last year. Taiwan’s Ministry of transportation officials said the day before, "eleven" holiday "is a cut off land", to estimate the current trend this year, mainland tourists will be less than last year 60000 people. 6 days in mainland tourists average residence, once reduced to 800 thousand people, Taiwan will be reduced by nearly 50 billion yuan NT tourism revenue this year. According to Taiwan related departments statistics, mainland tourists spending $120 per day in Taiwan, is a Japanese tourist of 3 times. 12 days on the streets of Taipei fifth travel agency boss Mr. Zhang said, his company because of American and European tourists can support, but the company’s "Lu Ke" in the recent monthly loss of NT $1 million, he did not dare to guarantee that his company is not down, next year is also non layoffs may not? Taiwan! Political commentator Xie Hanbing told the media that the Chinese tour guide had more than 4 thousand people, currently only less than 1000 people are still in practice, the other more than 3 thousand people are unemployed and jobs, while still in practice can guide monthly reception, group than in the past was reduced to only 14 below the hard situation I can see. In Taiwan, the tourism industry and related hotels, boutiques, taxis, buses, laundry, restaurant, night market stalls, native products industry, is related to at least one million people work with the tourism industry and tourism related industries, all the proportion of output value of more than 10% of the overall economy of Taiwan. 12, China CITS Shanghai people’s Square store outlets staff to accept the "Global Times" reporter said in a telephone interview, this year "eleven" Taiwan tour business is very quiet, significantly reduced the number of tourists. "Nothing compared with last year, this time last year, there are about a dozen groups, this year also estimated one or two, too much decreased." A staff member of Zhongguancun Kang Hui Travel Agency Sales Department told the "Global Times" reporter, "this year eleven, Taiwan was shaorenwenjin." Taiwan island tourism web site general manager Zhang Zhongguo told the "Global Times" reporter, Taiwan’s political changes and events hit the bus on fire of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism enthusiasm, with the tour group, the free exercise of Taiwan’s popularity also decreased significantly. "I have come into contact with visitors who have had a lot of concerns about going to Taiwan, such as security concerns," he said." Global Times special correspondent in Taipei相关的主题文章: