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Business Who would think chocolate and a home business would go together? Obviously My Little Wrapper – London did and now it is one of the most sought after home business opportunities. Not only did My Little Wrapper provide home business enthusiasts to function from their very homes it also brought in that little extra by offering personalized chocolates to customers. Now there are happy franchisees and happier customers. The name speaks for itself; ‘My Little Wrapper’ means you have your very own customized wrapped chocolate bar. Who does not appreciate that personal touch when it .es to gifts? My Little Wrapper also gives the customer the option of getting their own chocolates wrapped or they could just get the My Little Wrapper- Chocolate Bars as well. The .pany has a wide range of over 50 designs that go with a variety of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, weddings, baby and bridal showers; you name it and you have a wrapper for it. These wrappers are no ordinary ones. They have had the best designers to pitch in and .e forth with the most creative ways that anyone could wrap a bar of chocolate in. You even have your own space on the wrapper for your personalized message. The right people to approach would probably be those involved in events such as birthdays, weddings and corporate get togethers. Personalized chocolate bars would make ideal wedding favors or cherished items in a kid’s goodie bag at a birthday. The software provided makes the personalization aspect very professional. The customer is provided with a catalogue of designs to choose from and at the end of it all, the customer has his very own personalized gift guaranteed to be cherished and appreciated by the person receiving it. .panies and organizations interested in offering personalized chocolate bars to their clients or suppliers can also have the .pany logo added on to the wrapper for that added effect. The .pany is just about a year plus few months old but more than a 100 people have signed up as their ‘wrappers’ and they all enjoy the flexibility of working from home and working with one of the most sought after products by all ages alike- ‘chocolate’. The wrappers on signing up are provided with all the training and marketing material they would need to ensure the success of their own My Little Wrapper business. There is really no .pulsion or targets to chase. These home business owners have enough leeway to operate on their own terms and turn in as much as they realistically think is possible for them to pursue and achieve. But if the franchisee approaches the business model seriously and strategically markets the business, then it is likely to be.e one of the most successful home businesses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: