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.puters-and-Technology Magento customization simply means to modify your web shop so that it can fit your prefaces and those of your customers. Generally, when you get a Magento web shop, it .es with the standard features all the other similar web shops have. This means in order to be ahead of your .petitors, you will need to .e up with customization (modifications), which are unique to your web shop. For instance, if you sell clothes to a particularly group of people, you will need to customize your web shop so that it will be able to appeal to these customers. Generally, Magento experts will provide customizations services to you at no additional charges. This is to enable you reap maximize benefits from your shop. It is quite easy to start a Magento web shop since you will get all the necessary tools you need to enable you start a successful store from the first day. However, what is Magento web shop? Magento is an e.merce software application that allows you to create and run an online web shop. Varien developed this software with assistance from experienced programmers in this field. The web shop has an easy to navigate platform that enables your customers to access the products you are offering, buy them and most important pay for them. Moreover, Magento web shops are search engines optimized, which allows potential customers to access your shop easily through search engines. This is quite a good way of getting additional traffic without paying extra advertising fees. However, the best thing about Magento web shop is the clear URLs you get for all your store pages. Due to the search friendly keywords available, the products in your web shop are able to rank high in search engines within a very short time. Moreover, the modules and themes of this web shop allow you to transform your visitors to customers naturally. This is because these tools are efficient and your visitors are able to navigate around your shop smoothly. Nothing can deny you traffic much as a Magento web store that takes too long to load a page. Generally, slow loading problems occur because of your location and the servers that host your web shop. However, with Magento customization, you will be able to get rid of this problem rather quickly. Other things you will be able to do during customization are image optimization, JavaScript minification/.bining and CSS minification/.bining, among other things. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: