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Deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce: Internet advertising supervision will become the "key" Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: August 31 advertising market order to improve Internet advertising will become the "key" – Gan supervision deputy director of SAIC on the new advertising law of the first anniversary of the implementation of the Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Jing in September 1, 2015, the formal implementation of new advertising law. This year, China’s advertising market order has changed? What measures will be taken in the future for the advertising market regulation? The 31 reporters interviewed the deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in the rain. Advertising market order continues to improve advertising everywhere. It has many advantages, many problems, false advertising violations of the interests of the majority of consumers, it is hated. The new advertising law have more stringent requirements on the Advertising Spokesperson, medicines and health food, tobacco, Internet advertising and many other aspects, but can truly become a "history", but also the application of law enforcement practice. The rain, a year ago, the national industry and commerce, market supervision departments investigate all kinds of illegal advertising cases about 24 thousand, fines of about 400 million yuan, a powerful deterrent to illegal false advertising behavior. At the same time, efforts to strengthen the remediation of unhealthy advertising, and efforts to strengthen Internet advertising law enforcement. Monitoring shows that since September 2015, monitoring illegal advertising data has remained at a low level for several months, the rate of illegal advertising than the new advertising law before the implementation of the decline of 84.29%. Gan also pointed out that although the new advertising law promulgated prior to the implementation of the national advertising market order compared to achieve a historic improvement, but this is achieved under high pressure regulators and focus on remediation, the foundation remains to be strengthened, there is no normal form. Recently, rebound signs also appeared in some areas of false advertising and the media, need to continue to maintain high vigilance. At the same time, enterprises and the media to abide by the self-discipline consciousness remains to be further improved, although the majority of enterprises and media advertising legal awareness has greatly improved, but there are still individual enterprises and the media legal consciousness and moral consciousness, the pursuit of "eye effect", has released some adverse effects of advertising, the need to further increase efforts to prevent disposal to form an effective deterrent. In addition, the advertising regulatory work has encountered more new things, new problems, new and higher requirements of the regulation. Advertising regulation more modern form of advertising is more and more abundant, distribution channels are also from traditional media to new media such as Internet, mobile phone, video, micro-blog, WeChat can become a circle of friends of local advertising. How to achieve effective supervision of the national advertising market order? The rain, the industrial and commercial authorities actively explore the use of big data, Internet + regulation, strengthen the construction of advertising monitoring system, and constantly improve the level of modernization of advertising regulation. For traditional media advertising, SAIC gradually improve the function of the advertising regulatory platform to expand the scope of advertising monitoring, and steadily push forward the object of advertising monitoring to the county level media to enhance the effectiveness of advertising monitoring. In the face of the rapid development of Internet advertising, SAIC is accelerating the construction of Internet advertising monitoring center, the end of the year is expected to cover the national Internet advertising share of 90% left相关的主题文章: