Designers to share the latest situation of domestic aircraft invited experts to participate in resea

Designers share the latest domestic large aircraft experts invited to Hongkong to participate in the new network development in the original title: China made large aircraft to invite Hongkong to participate in research according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported that the national aircraft manufacturing technology developed rapidly, yesterday "caike Expo 2016" invite Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China science and Technology Committee permanent committee, ARJ21 aircraft chief designer Chen Yong speaker and share with the people of Hongkong developed the new situation facing the aircraft, and large aircraft manufacturing opportunities and challenges. He mentioned in particular, welcomed the Hongkong research institutions, universities and other related research and development work together to contribute to the development of national large aircraft manufacturing technology. C919 "four" refers to the character of Chen Yong introduced yesterday, Chinese first developed in accordance with the latest international airworthiness standards for civil aircraft started to develop C919 trunk early in 2008, is currently the first phase of the trial flight before the end of this year is expected to make its first flight before the ground test. Mainly to meet the use of small and medium cities, while taking into account the foreign market. And C919 as a single trunk aircraft, has the characteristic of "safer, more economical, more comfortable, more green, spacious and quiet cabin environment and scene lighting can improve passenger comfort, intelligent control of lighting according to day and night, eating different scenarios provide different lighting. While the leading design ARJ21 aircraft, Chen Yong in the interview that "ARJ21’s competitive advantage lies in its comfort, adaptability, airport security, the aircraft can adapt to high temperature China Western Plateau Airport, and do complex route crossing. In fact, ARJ21 has been officially put into operation in Chengdu airlines in June 28th this year, which is also the first time the domestic airline has its own jet feeder aircraft. If you have a chance to go to Chengdu and Shanghai on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, you can take the experience of ARJ21. Chen Yong surveyed about two aircraft developed harvest, "two aircraft is China’s independent research and development, the most important is that we have independent intellectual property rights, at the same time, also set up their own R & D system, engineers, technical system." He also said that the market internationalization, internationalization, national development strategy and the market is the rapid growth of civil transport at Chinese aircraft manufacturing opportunities, but also faces challenges such as lack of technical experience, in addition to the fierce market competition, business success and management ability of savings is also need to overcome the problem. (reporter Chai Jing)相关的主题文章: