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Dinosaur returns, Hollywood blockbusters, or cartoons? My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice introduces the dinosaur picture in front of 100 thousand mum here and exchange experience of enlightenment? Do not know what is the mother’s favorite? Honestly, I love most is the If the Dinosaurs Come Back. it was included in Liao Caixing’s list. This picture of magical imagination, let me look at each turn are shocked. At the same time, which contains a sense of humor and makes me smile. This book is suitable for 3-8 years old baby. Let’s take a look at the music! Children who like dinosaurs always want to live in the same world as dinosaurs. Now it’s time to start thinking about what would happen if the dinosaurs came back Will they trample our city? Will they destroy the car? Will not be as easy as blowing off dust to the destruction of human beings? Wake up! If the Come Back By Bernard Most in this book, a little boy with his imaginary world to tell you, and the coexistence of dinosaurs is not so terrible. Don’t play Hollywood blockbuster star wars! People, you need to add a little child! Now with this book, let you know if dinosaurs reproduce, the world will become Meng da!! If they come back, they can carry people to work. So they don’t have to get into the subway or bus! (I really did not expect this benefit (B::)) if the dinosaurs back, paint workers no longer need the ladder. Because when they can Diplodocus ladder. If the dinosaurs back, farmers plow becomes easier! Because the Triangle dragon will help them plow their horns oh! If the dinosaurs come back, the thieves will be scared away. Because we have a ferocious Stegosaurus oh! If the dinosaurs come back, they can help the children to take off the kite in the tree. If the dinosaurs come back, the circus will be much more fun! You see, the actors in the picture can hang on the Dinosaur ‘s neck! If the dinosaurs come back, they will help the librarian to take the books from the shelves. This reduces their troubles! – – – this book has 32 pages, the content is quite rich, every page to tell you: you see, if the dinosaurs back, they will help the world become very beautiful! Many foreign art teachers are using this picture books to the children in class. Because it not only cultivate the child’s imagination, it is very suitable for the line and let the children to draw their own minds and the dinosaur. Let this book let the children take the dinosaurs to modern society! At the end of the book, all the dinosaurs!相关的主题文章: