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"Dog 2" award seven overseas Jiang’s boutique – Sohu won three consecutive "second season" by seven entertainment poster Sohu entertainment news (U.S. time) the evening of November 2, 2016, Twelfth American Film Festival opening ceremony of "Golden Angel award ceremony held at the Hollywood Ricardo Montalban Theatre, the" Golden Angel Award "Awards belonging also will be unveiled. Making exclusive original developed by perfect world television drama "Jiang’s studio releases second quarter strength seven" won the "outstanding China drama" Golden Angel award. The TV series "dog Jones" won the 2014 tenth American Film Festival "Golden Angel Award", "dog seven" won the 2015 eleventh American Film Festival "Golden Angel Award", Jiang’s studio the original development of independent brand TV "Adorable pet dog" series of three won the award. Show Jiang’s studio to advance the drama production concept and pets are true feelings, to create a series of explosion of adorable pet masterwork, was widely recognized by the audience of fans at home and abroad. Break the mindset where Jiang Lizhu screenwriter "god dog" "spicy" series of fine IP it is reported that (United States) in October 31st, Twelfth American Film Festival Finalist Award officially announced, making exclusive original developed by perfect world television drama "Jiang’s studio seven small dog second season" hot "and" deformeter both finalists. Two of urban youth fashion emotional drama in the third quarter of this year in Hunan TV relay crisis scene, make many friends in the audience throughout the summer full of eye, the youth fashion style by young audiences, which won the ratings and reputation of a win-win situation. If Jiang’s studio launched the first "IP" dog dog series "original Raiders" is to open the domestic TV drama of the new world "astepping-stone to success", so in the past few years the "god dog" "spicy" series have been built, marking the Jiang’s studio innovation road increasingly wide, the NEW Adorable pet spicy wings also more mature themes. The idea of making Jiang’s studio will continue adhering to the innovation and breakthrough in the theme with the spicy adorable pet increasingly being recognized on the basis of "feed", again for the audience a good show continuation of quality. It is worth mentioning that the "dog" "spicy" series repeatedly invited overseas actors to join, add a series of exotic fashion impression, it also means that Jiang’s studio brand has been internationalized, and the depth of recognition of overseas film and television industry. How young real feelings zero error series precise positioning of the core audience of "dog" conquer "spicy" not only from the series production has advanced the new "standard" theme, play multiple emotion to control is full in place, perfect world film Jiang’s studio in-depth study of opera audiences taste buds, designed to lead young people experience double resonance with the practical significance of emotion. Whether it is childlike pet love, or spicy youth idol bodyguard, "dog" and "spicy" series will be real feelings of zero error deduction. Compared to the routine and the assimilation of emotional crudely made scenarios, Jiang’s studio is completely conquered many viewers, ".相关的主题文章: