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Double eleven house home shopping, eating seafood than to Sanya – tourism Sohu double eleven is coming, whether to open the mobile phone or computer, or television, are all "double eleven" promotional scraper, N advertising bombing, getting people to brainwashed, the wallet has been aching! Struggled with double eleven shopping which is stronger, not readily go to the beach to eat a big meal. Sanya has a marine ecological environment is one of the world famous richly endowed by nature, seaside tourist city, seafood is an essential travel in Sanya; the water pollution, high cleanness, Sanya seafood is fresh and delicious, variety, natural health "and famous, including 1064 species of fish, 350 species of shrimps and crabs 325 kinds of software, 700 kinds of animal, high economic value has 402 kinds, variety and variety. Eat seafood in Sanya to pay more attention to the autonomy of food choices. You can buy themselves to the market you need seafood and vegetables, and then go to the seafood processing shop for professional chefs to help you cook; or can also contact the local seafood processing shop owner called together with you to the seafood market to buy seafood, and buy expensive benefits is not quejinshaoliang. When it comes to seafood processing, seafood processing market in Sanya, the first choice is the first market. Sanya is located in the first market road between liberation and Hexi Road, connected by a new road, mainly seafood processing characteristics, Sanya has the largest seafood square, where not only can buy super cheap seafood stalls, choose your appointment or love in the process; there are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, the characteristics of Sanya the rich variety of snacks, let people dazzle the eyes and the price cheap. So it is not difficult to understand, every evening, the first market is like a holiday, like a crowded, bustling. This reminder, in order to avoid temporary scene no position, can advance and store phone reservation. Every time I go to Sanya, I would choose to go to the first market in the seafood shop – Sichuan moustache seafood. He’s the boss of Sichuan, Sichuan to practice Cooking Seafood, not only retains the nutrition delicious seafood meal, and a delicious spicy Sichuan cuisine, is a unique flavor, taste comfortable fully and delightfully fun. It be objected that seafood is authentic light and delicious, but relative to the hardcore, spicy would not be happy without me, his home the pan Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce, more to my liking, it ate it. Shellfish seafood, but also every essential points, and Scallop in Shell several points such as oysters. A delicious, but not for the belly, not to live up to the back of the delicacy. In the beard, the boss not only enthusiastic to teach you how to get the most fresh seafood, cooking for diners taste salty weight preference; can also direct group purchase ordering, convenient, as well as flavorfully, gobble down eat Shuang drops.相关的主题文章: