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UnCategorized Weight Loss can be achieved through various methods. One of the most important methods is good nutrition. A second method which is often overlooked is maintaining good sleep habits. Both of these weight loss techniques are easy to implement and will not cost you anything. Good nutrition is largely a case of educating yourself. Once you do this you will find it easy to adapt your eating habits. The first thing you should do to achieve weight loss is to cut out junk food. Junk food can be classified as foods that have little or no nutrition but carry plenty of calories. They are also known as empty calorie foods. For any successful weight loss program it is necessary to know what these foods are. Generally they are foods high in refined sugar like cakes, cookies and sodas. Potato chips are also classified as junk foods. The next group of foods to be cautious of are carbohydrates. You should reduce but not cut out foods from this group in order to cut down calories. Fatty foods should also be restricted but not cut out entirely. So what should you eat to achieve better weight loss? Try not to eat refined foods. Instead, replace them with whole grain foods. Examples of this would be: Eating brown rice instead of white rice, and choosing breads with whole wheat instead of eating white bread. This will provide better nutrition and fiber. Weight loss can be achieved easier when you consume more fiber. This is because it fills you up without adding extra calories. It also provides bulk to your stool so that you will not get constipated. An important part of weight loss is cleansing your colon and not allowing bacteria and toxins to build up which happens when you get constipated. Instead of junk food, stick to the four food groups usually found on the walls of your grocery store, instead of the processed foods on the inner isles. Eat more vegetables which are light in calories and high in nutrition. For better weight loss, fruits should be eaten but restrict them to begin with as they are fairly high in fructose. Always chose fresh or frozen without added sugar for maximum nutrition. For the best weight loss results give yourself smaller portions and remember not to snack. Eat foods that are high in protein but with less fat. Lean meats are best, so poultry like chicken and fish, but not shrimp are good protein sources. When weight loss is your goal then consuming Eggs, milk, lentils and beans are also good sources of vegetable protein. Remember to drink low fat milk and cheese. You may be surprised to know that a lack of sleep can prevent weight loss. This is because when your body is deprived of sleep it goes into a "fight and flight" mode this results in the body retaining fat cells and you will not be able to achieve the weight loss results that you wanted. When you sleep properly you will be less tense and be able to lose the unwanted pounds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: